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Non-alcoholic beverages, also known as zero-proof drinks, have gained popularity in Virginia due to their ability to mimic the taste of traditional alcoholic drinks while containing minimal or no alcohol. These beverages can be a popular choice for individuals in recovery from alcohol addiction — and for the sober-curious as well — offering the opportunity to participate in social settings where alcohol is prevalent.

Despite their non-alcoholic nature, zero-proof drinks closely resemble real alcoholic beverages in appearance and flavor and are often served alongside traditional drinks. This likeness may pose a risk of relapse to those in recovery — especially if the cues associated with alcohol consumption act as triggers. To ensure your safety, it’s important to be mindful of your own goals and limitations before indulging in zero-proof drinks.

What Are Zero-Proof Drinks?

Zero-proof drinks are beverages that contain either no alcohol or slight amounts of alcohol, typically less than 0.5% ABV. These drinks are designed to provide a similar taste and experience to traditional alcoholic beverages without the intoxicating effects. Zero-proof drinks are also known as non-alcoholic beverages, mocktails, or alcohol-free alternatives.

Zero-proof drinks can come in various forms, including:

  • Non-alcoholic beer: Non-alcoholic beer, brewed to taste like beer but without the alcohol content, provides an alternative for individuals seeking the familiar flavors of beer without the intoxicating effects.
  • Non-alcoholic wine: Non-alcoholic wine has undergone de-alcoholization, removing or reducing the alcohol content but keeping the taste and essence of traditional wines.
  • Non-alcoholic spirits: These are alternatives to traditional distilled spirits such as gin, vodka, or whiskey. They are crafted to capture the essence and flavors of spirits without the alcohol.
  • Mocktails: Zero-proof cocktails, often made with a combination of juices, syrups, botanicals, and other ingredients to mimic the flavors of classic cocktails.

Zero-proof drinks have gained popularity for various reasons, including health and wellness trends, designated driving, and the desire for alcohol-free social options. It’s important to note that while these beverages are labeled as “non-alcoholic” or “zero-proof,” they may still contain trace amounts of alcohol, so checking the product label for accurate information before consuming is recommended.

How Popular Are Zero-Proof Drinks?

The demand for zero-proof drinks has grown over the past few years, driven by changing consumer preferences and a desire for more inclusive beverage options. Total sales of zero-proof beverages tallied an impressive $11 billion in sales, up from $8 billion in 2018, per the IWSR Drinks Market Analysis.[1,2]

Are There Risks to Drinking Zero-Proof Alcohol?

While zero-proof or non-alcoholic drinks are generally considered safe for most people, there are some considerations and potential risks associated with consuming these beverages:

  • Trace amounts of alcohol: Some zero-proof drinks may still contain trace amounts of alcohol, typically 0.5% ABV or less. While this amount is unlikely to cause intoxication for most individuals, it may be a concern for those who need to avoid alcohol completely.
  • Serving as a trigger: The taste, smell, and appearance of zero-proof drinks can closely resemble alcoholic beverages. For individuals in recovery from alcohol addiction, consuming drinks that mimic the experience of drinking alcohol may act as triggers and pose a risk of relapse.[3]
  • Environmental concerns: Bars and similar environments may have an atmosphere associated with alcohol consumption, which could trigger cravings or discomfort for individuals in alcohol addiction recovery.
  • Social considerations and peer pressure: In social situations where others are consuming alcoholic beverages, individuals choosing zero-proof drinks may face questions or pressure. This can potentially lead to discomfort or feelings of social exclusion.
  • Caloric content: Some non-alcoholic beverages may have high sugar or caloric content, which can be a consideration for those watching their diet or managing certain health conditions.
  • Psychological impact: Consuming drinks that imitate alcoholic beverages may have a psychological impact, especially if someone is trying to distance themselves from alcohol-related associations. It’s important to be aware of one’s personal reasons for choosing non-alcoholic options.

Where Can I Get Zero-Proof Drinks in Virginia?

Where Can I Get Zero-Proof Drinks in Virginia

Bars, Restaurants, and Shops:

Umbrella Dry Drinks

This charming establishment was founded in 2022 to give Virginia-area residents a bevy of sophisticated, non-alcoholic drinking options. Umbrella Dry Drinks both operate a local zero-proof bottle store and are available for events as well.

Don’t miss their recipe of the week, featuring new products, spirit-free cocktail recipes & techniques for zero-proof delights.

Point 5

Richmond’s very first stand-alone, alcohol-free bottle shop features a wide selection of non-alcohol specialty beverages and mixers for the sober and the sober-curious—and thanks to the growing popularity of zero-proof drinks, Point 5 is also looking to expand and franchise new stores in the near future.

Be sure to check out their online shop while you’re at it, where you can place your orders for pickup in-store.

Kismet Modern Indian

With two locations — one in Alexandria and another in Richmond — this wonderful eatery features the very best in fresh, high-quality ingredients, prepared using traditional cooking techniques that showcase the richness of Indian cuisine.

The Kismet Modern Indian drink menu features two mocktails (Tiger’s Tail and Familiar Faces) that are sure to pair perfectly with their alluring fare.


Located within The Watermark Hotel, Wren is a lively cocktail bar and restaurant with an expansive menu. Executive Chef Yo Matsuzaki oversees a culinary experience that is sure to delight.

Their curated cocktail menu and wine list feature several zero-proof offerings, making this a versatile destination for those seeking non-alcoholic alternatives.

Three Blacksmiths

Looking for a unique night on the town? Three Blacksmiths offers a weekly fixed dinner menu featuring local, seasonal, handcrafted foods from Rappahannock County, Virginia, and nearby regions. The intimate dining experience, set in a spacious area with an open hearth, comfortable seating, candlelight, and lavish wood finishes, accommodates only 20 seats with one seating time, ensuring an exclusive and relaxed evening for guests.

Three Blacksmiths also offer a zero-proof pairing that changes weekly to complement their menu, providing a distinctive dining experience that caters to both non-alcoholic preferences and culinary enthusiasts alike.

Hummingbird Bar + Kitchen

Situated within the waterfront Hotel Indigo in Old Town Alexandria, this stylish bar and dining room exude a rustic coastal ambiance. The navy blue and white color scheme, complemented by ash wood accents, creates a chic atmosphere. With light linens and expansive glass doors, guests can enjoy river views both indoors and on the patio, complete with fire pits and blankets for cooler months.

Hummingbird didn’t skimp on the non-alcoholic offerings to go along with their award-winning dishes, either—so be sure to check them out on your next stop into town.

Shopping Online:

Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority (ABC)

The Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Authority is responsible for the sale of distilled spirits in the Commonwealth of Virginia, operating retail stores and online sales. These stores are state-run, and the revenue generated from alcohol sales contributes to various state programs and services.

ABC offers a wide selection of low and no-ABV drinks you can purchase online, along with publishing a great menu of alcohol-free cocktail recipes for your refreshment.

Ceremony Dry Bottle Shop

Ceremony specializes in curating tasteful non-alcoholic options in the beverage marketplace. Their selection includes ready-to-drink options and zero-proof spirits and mixers, providing a diverse range for those seeking enjoyable alcohol-free alternatives.

Check out their website and online store to start enjoying their wide array of selections for your next celebration or event.

Are You Struggling With Drug or Alcohol Use?

If you find yourself grappling with drug or alcohol use, it’s important to acknowledge that seeking help is a courageous step towards healing. Reach out to trusted friends, family, or healthcare professionals who can provide the support and encouragement needed to embark on the road to recovery. It’s never too late to seek assistance and take the first steps towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.

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