You might be trying to figure out how to overcome crack addiction by yourself. The truth is, struggling with crack addiction is a battle you can’t fight alone. In fact, you shouldn’t have to. You can’t recover from crack addiction by yourself. Let us help you. Recovery Unplugged will help you regain your strength, your lucidity and your life.

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Crack cocaine is a powerful drug. The result of taking an addictive drug and turning up the volume, crack is a step up from cocaine. In many ways it’s a lot like powdered cocaine, except that it gives a much stronger and faster high. However, with crack, the intense and instant feelings of bliss are gone almost as immediately as they come. Instead of a quick high, users struggle with paranoia, anxiety, hallucinations, physical pain and a broken life. Eventually, life for those suffering at the hands of addiction becomes little more than doing everything they can to use. This often means losing relationships, freedom, finances and eventually their very lives. Dignity, health, and a normal life become distant ideas. For an addict, life is forever changed.

Crack addiction puts users on a life-threatening path that often makes them think that there’s no turning back. However, the longer crack users wait to get help, the farther down the rabbit-hole they go. It’s okay if you’re tired of the withdrawals, tired of the indignity, tired of wondering when the end will come. As impossible as it might seem, there’s hope for the future. We’ve seen people in recovery from crack addiction, and we know it can happen for you. Don’t give up yet. Recovery Unplugged is going to help you take your life back from the disease of addiction.


The beginnings of crack addiction are often similar to those of other drugs. Like cocaine, users are drawn in from the very first use. However, there is a stigma and culture of judgment around crack addiction that has created roadblocks to treatment and recovery. Unlike cocaine, crack is far from a party drug– in fact, it is often considered a “poor man’s” drug. This, however, is most definitely not the case. The reality is that anybody from any walk of life could fall into the trap that is crack abuse.

It doesn’t matter where your crack addiction has taken you or what you’ve done during your worst days of abuse. You should never feel too ashamed or unworthy to ask for help. Recovery Unplugged has helped countless people put an end to their crack use. We want to help you turn back into the sane, loving person you used to be. While life won’t be the exact same as it was before addiction, we can guarantee that it will be better. Don’t hold yourself back. Love yourself enough to get the crack treatment you deserve today.


Those suffering from crack addiction can’t hide their habit for long. Everything begins to change, giving them away bit by bit until the secret is out. Their behaviors, physical traits, appearance and lifestyle give their addiction away. Unfortunately, there are very real reasons why pop culture will coin phrases around drug-related qualities. Both meth and crack addicts’ teeth are prone to wearing down and breaking from long-term smoking and use. Those in the late stages of crack addiction will suffer from the shakes. People who are looking for their next fix will have extreme mood swings. Individuals with an addiction to crack will often have a few symptoms you want to look out for. While signs will vary from person to person, some of the more common symptoms include:

  • Paranoia and Agitation
  • Weight Loss
  • Inability to Concentrate
  • Disappearance and Social Isolation
  • Deception about Whereabouts and Lifestyle
  • Decline in Work or School Performance
  • Discolored Skin and Lips
  • Dental Issues
  • Bizarre and Erratic Changes in Behavior

If you think that someone you love is struggling, check if they have any of these symptoms. It’s okay to admit that you’re suffering from crack addiction. Help is only a call away. Overcoming crack addiction is a long process. Don’t let your symptoms get out of control. If you have any physical or behavioral changes from crack abuse, we’re here for you.


Start Your Treatment: 1(855)384-5794