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Welcome to Recovery Unplugged.
We’re a nationally recognized behavioral health initiative with evidence-based programs designed to remove the barriers standing in the way of sustainable recovery and mental health.

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Virtual Intensive Outpatient

Mental Health

Recovery Unplugged offers comprehensive virtual care for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and mental health issues. Available on nights and weekend, the treatment includes counselor-led group sessions, family and individual therapy as well as medical management – all while incorporating the healing power of music.

Virtual Intensive Outpatient

Substance Abuse

For those suffering from alcohol or drug related addictions, Recovery Unplugged is now online. Days, nights or weekends, our programs are available when you are. These include counselor-led group sessions, family and individual therapy as well as medical management. And as always, music is a part of everything we do to promote healing and sustainable recovery.

  • Virtual

    Virtual Programs

    With intensive outpatient programs for mental health and addiction now online, you get can experience treatment from the comfort of home.

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    Recovery Unplugged blends our highly effective music and traditional approaches to help break down emotional barriers that inhibit recovery.

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    Insurance Accepted

    We want our programs to be accessible for all. That’s why we’ve arranged to have your treatment covered by every major insurance provider.

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    24/7 Support

    Our motivated support staff is eager to connect with, inspire and when needed, provide life saving support to help clients along their recovery journey.

  • Medication

    Medication Assisted

    Our programs include highly qualified doctors, nurses and psychiatrists and counselors
who are experienced in all
aspects of behavioral health.

  • No Waiting

    No Waiting

    The ability to get help should never be delayed. Thanks to Recovery Unplugged, a place in the right virtual program can be virtually guaranteed.

  • Eves

    Eves & Weekends

    Imagine a virtual program that won’t disrupt work or life. Recovery Unplugged makes treatment available at the times when you’re available.

  • All in One Programs

    All in One Programs

    Recovery Unplugged is the only program that combines individual, group and family therapy, plus full medical management, all online.

  • Music Note

    Music Assisted Treatment

    We use music as a catalyst to help our clients build trust, process trauma and more readily embrace treatment.
It’s a part everything we do.

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