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Recovery Unplugged offers a team of experienced and qualified doctors and nurses who are trained to treat addiction and related health issues. We also have psychiatrists, counselors and social workers on staff to provide a full spectrum of care.

The answer to this question depends on the nature, location and schedule of your job, as well as your specific employer. Often, however employers have PTO and wellness policies that will allow you to get the care you need without worrying about losing your job.
Should you require any additional assistance or have any further questions, please contact our admissions representatives now and they’ll be able to help you.

Luxury treatment is a term that describes a mode of addiction care offering higher-end facilities and amenities but doesn’t necessarily reflect a higher level of clinical care.

The most important thing is to get help. If your home life and circumstances have contributed to your substance abuse, removing yourself from your dysfunctional environment can help you heal without distraction or heightened risk for relapse. If you simply can’t afford to put your job, family and life on hold, or if doing so runs the risk of escalating your addiction, local treatment might be your best option. Our admissions representatives are ready to walk you through your options and help you make the best possible decision, based on your circumstances.

We’ve adopted stricter-than-ever screening requirements for incoming clients to ensure they’re not infected, frequently test staff and clients and go above and beyond to frequently disinfect our facilities and our equipment.

Yes, we are.

Music Assisted Treatment means using the emotional connection and comfort found in music to help you or your loved one more readily connect with traditional treatment practices. It involves infusing music appreciation and engagement into all aspects of your care program.

Most of our residential clients will be sharing a room with another client; however, our residences offer ample space, next-level comfort, privacy, discretion and safety. There are certain situations in which clients may have their own room. Talk to your admissions coordinator for more information.

Recovery Unplugged welcomes non-aggressive dogs and cats and who are up to date with all their applicable shots and vaccines. You are responsible for bringing your pet’s food and enclosure to keep it safe and away from other clients.

The use of cell phones for residential clients is permitted at designated times after an initial period of assessment and evaluation. Recovery Unplugged strives to help our clients heal in a distraction-free environment; however, we recognize the importance of staying connected with your support system during the latter part of the treatment process. Outpatient clients are asked to leave their phones off during their treatment sessions.

Our Austin residential treatment center is located on a two-acre property. In addition to beautifully appointed, semi-private rooms with flat-screen televisions in every unit, our residences offer a variety of amenities, including beautifully landscaped grounds, gym access, freshly prepared meals, fully-equipped music spaces, doctors on staff and 24-hour security.
Our Lake Worth, FL residential treatment center offers beautifully landscaped and state-of-the-art residences situated close to the beach and other natural wonders. Clients have access to gym, laundry facilities onsite, three freshly prepared meals per day and semi-private rooms. The facility also offers a Zen garden, bookstore and vape shop and more to help clients be more relaxed during treatment.
Our Nashville, TN treatment center is our newest property and offers 35 beds, comfortable and beautifully appointed client residences, a VIP suite for those who need extra privacy during their stay of care, and world-class staff of doctors, nurses, therapists and support professionals. The facility also has a trained chef on staff, a “Zen” room and “Jam” room to help clients regain their peace of mind and maximize musical engagement during the treatment process.

Recovery Unplugged encourages family members to be active in their loved one’s recovery. So yes, under the guidance and direction of a counselor, family sessions and visits are allowed. Each client’s treatment protocol and family interaction will vary according to history, progress and other factors.

The duration of treatment depends upon what type of program you or your loved one choose. Residential treatment generally lasts around 7-24 days; detox lasts around 5-7 days; our partial hospitalization program (PHP) lasts around 10-15 days and intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment can last anywhere from 10-30.

We offer detox from trained doctors and nurses at our locations Lake Worth, FL; Austin, TX and Nashville, TN.

No. Recovery Unplugged uses the natural emotional connection we all have with music to help clients more readily embrace traditional evidence-based treatment practices.

Yes. Recovery Unplugged is a trusted and reputable Vivitrol® and buprenorphine provider. Eligibility depends on a variety of factors. Please speak with your case manager or intake coordinator.

Absolutely not. Clients do not need a musical background to experience the full benefits of the Recovery Unplugged treatment. An overwhelming majority of our clients do not have a formal musical background.

Recovery Unplugged works with many major insurance companies to make the treatment process more affordable and accessible. We’re currently in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and Cigna, but accept many other insurance plans, as well.