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Lake Worth

Lake Worth Drug and Alcohol Detox and Treatment

As part of our commitment to offering a full continuum of care for clients struggling with drug and alcohol use disorder, Recovery Unplugged offers targeted and in-depth detox and residential treatment at our location in Lake Worth, Florida. This facility offers patients the opportunity to receive all elements of their inpatient treatment in one convenient, comfortable, safe and discreet location. Recovery Unplugged Lake Worth offers medically supervised withdrawal management from world-class, addiction-trained physicians who understand the disease of addiction and can help you or your loved one overcome the worst of your withdrawal symptoms. Following detox, our inpatient clients receive comprehensive behavioral rehab from leading mental health professionals.

We are fully mindful of the role that environment plays in the inpatient addiction treatment process and are committed to providing our residential patients with a comfortable, pleasant, safe and home-like treatment experience. Amenities at our Lake Worth location include semi-private rooms, recreation facilities, a fitness center, freshly prepared meals and fully functional music spaces and audio production facilities. We have developed our Lake Worth property to be a secure, peaceful and distraction-free haven for patients to freely confront the origins of their addiction through music-based treatment. Come heal from addiction in comfort and safety.

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