Addiction isn’t glamorous. Maybe you’ve heard stories of meth addiction, or maybe you’re living through one now. Meth addiction can very quickly place you in a dangerous and life-threatening situation. From heart attacks to risky behavior, meth can be life-threatening in many different ways. You might’ve started using because you were curious or because other stimulants weren’t giving you the same amount of energy. However your addiction started, we’re here to give you the addiction treatment you need. Recovery Unplugged is ready to help you take your life back from meth today. Don’t spend another day gambling with your life.

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Because of the opioid epidemic, most people don’t focus on other drugs as much nowadays. However, that doesn’t mean that these drugs are any less dangerous. This is especially true for drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine, also known as crystal meth. Methamphetamines are stimulants often used to treat conditions like ADHD and extreme obesity.

However, meth has become a street drug that is often “cooked up” with no oversight or regulation. Crystal meth sold on the streets is often made from over-the-counter cold medication. As a result, areas with higher rates of meth abuse often see higher rates of convenience store and pharmacy robberies.


Like any addiction, there are stages to meth addiction that build over time. Often it beings with recreational use and graduates to maintenance and abuse. From there, addiction forms when the user becomes dependent on the drugs. The signs of meth addiction will vary based on each user’s history. Many people respond to meth differently, but often there will be obvious, similar symptoms. There are many physical and emotional signs of meth addiction, which can include:

  • Increased Physical activity
  • Increased Blood Pressure and Breathing
  • Elevated Body Temperature
  • Dilated Pupils
  • Heavy Sweating
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Sleeplessness
  • Paranoia or Irritability
  • Withdrawal Symptoms

While there are many symptoms of meth addiction, these are some of the most obvious. If you’re using meth and experiencing these or any other odd symptoms, reach out or seek help immediately. It’s possible to get addiction treatment and help for your crystal meth abuse.


Understanding meth addiction can be hard when you haven’t experienced using for yourself. Most people with stories of meth addiction will tell you that meth left them feeling energized. Many other users will tell you that meth gives them stamina and can increase their libido. With meth, it can be easy to justify your use. Maybe you tell yourself you only need it to get through the day, that this will be the last time. The problem is that it’s never the last time.

When high on meth, many people describe feeling like they can do anything. The problem with meth is that many people don’t realize how erratic and risky their behaviors actually are. Because of how strong it is, meth can easily cause users to build psychological and physical dependence. Those struggling with meth addiction are always thinking about their next fix. Don’t let meth addiction lead you to the grave. No amount of energy is worth an early grave. Get the meth addiction help you need today.


It doesn’t matter which stage of meth addiction you’re struggling with. The fact is that you need help and you need it now. The first step for those struggling with crystal meth is to go into detox and rehab. During detox, clients get the medical help they need combined with the healing power of music. Detox is foundational to the process, and helps individuals build a strong relationship with recovery. Often, clients will begin addressing the physical and emotional issues they’ve been struggling with during their abuse.

During their time in rehab, we use music to help clients identify the emotional barriers keeping them from getting clean. Music is important to every aspect of our program, and is part of both group therapies and individual counseling. Our treatment program is customized to each of our clients’ needs, and is designed to keep them on track. With a huge alumni support system, our goal is to help you on your journey to long-lasting recovery.

At Recovery Unplugged we don’t care what you’ve done in your past. Regardless of what stage of addiction you’re in, we want to help you. Here, we won’t judge you. Come share your stories of crystal meth addiction with us and we’ll help turn it into a story of recovery. Reach out to us today. We want music to be your medicine.


Start Your Treatment: 1(855)384-5794