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Recovery Unplugged has had the pleasure of hosting some of the best emerging and established recording artists from practically every genre. Whether they’re dropping by for an live performance or to simply share some of their own insights and experiences regarding recovery and music’s role in the healing process, we have captured every appearance and cataloged them on our YouTube channel. See unforgettable performances and get invaluable insights from Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, rapper and recovery advocate Flo Rida and a whole slew of artists who have experienced life in recovery and want to share their wisdom.

Our YouTube channel is a direct window into everyday life at Recovery Unplugged and shows how we use music to help clients move through the treatment process and reclaim their lives. Visit our channel to get a little taste of how we do things at RU.

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iHeart Radio

One of the ways we incorporate music-based therapy into our rehab program is by helping clients to express themselves through their own written music and lyrics. This exercise has multiple therapeutic benefits, including helping clients regain their confidence and get to the root causes of their substance use in ways that traditional talk therapy often can’t. One of the great things about our composition and songwriting therapies is that that very often produce some truly special original music.

As an extension of this therapy, Recovery Unplugged strives to give clients an external platform to showcase their original works through our record label and iHeart Radio Channel. iHeart Radio is a network of local radio stations and podcasts that allow independent artists and influencers to get their work out to more and more audiences. Tune in and see what we’ve got going on.

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Recovery Unplugged has curated a Spotify channel that features the best recovery-centric and everyday sounds from all genres. Our staff and alumni have collaborated in creating a dynamic, ongoing playlist that spans the musical spectrum, including the best in hip-hop, country, indie, metal, classical and more. We have created our Spotify station, and all other music channels, to brighten listeners’ days, keep them engaged with music and instill happiness into their everyday lives.

Part of integrating music into the treatment and ongoing recovery processes is recognizing how music can change people’s moods for the better and how that positive emotional energy can lead to a more proactive recovery effort; there’s no better way to do this than by having music with you 24-7.

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Think about how amazing it is to hear a great piece of music for the first time: how a melody can become absolutely infectious as you go about your day; how the right lyrics can make you want to completely alter the trajectory of your life; how a song can change your mood and spark your curiosity so much that you can’t help but listen to it over and over again.

Recovery Unplugged wants to help you experience these feelings every week and connect you with music you may have never heard before. Our Unplugged Underground playlist is a weekly collection of songs from independent artists from all genres. These playlists are curated by our staff and span the emotional spectrum to help clients who are experiencing all types of feelings.

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Guest Artist

One of the ways we illustrate how music can help our clients overcome drug or alcohol addiction is by connecting with artists who have successfully battled substance abuse in their own lives. Through our partnership with Face the Music Foundation and other key players in the music industry, Recovery Unplugged frequently hosts emerging and established recording artists who understand what it’s like to struggle with addiction.

The music industry and addiction share an often-notorious association. We often think of musicians dying too young from overdose or crashing and burning and fading into obscurity because they couldn’t get it together. Recovery Unplugged is turning this perception on its head and illuminating the positive and deeply inspiring association between music and the recovery process.

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Recovery Unplugged Records is our record label that allows artists in recovery to record and showcase their original work and get it out to wider and wider audiences. We are building a community of songwriters who have been through the treatment and recovery processes and want to share their experiences. We invite artists in recovery who have completed treatment with us, or any other addiction care organization to send their original material for consideration.

Participating artists’ music will be recorded and produced by our own experienced and accomplished engineers and distributed through our marketing channels for maximum exposure. Recovery Unplugged Records gives artists in recovery an opportunity to tell their stories and create a community of support through their original art.

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Feel Good Friday

A cornerstone of our musical medicine approach to addiction treatment is our weekly Feel-Good Friday group therapy sessions. Feel-Good Friday allows patients to connect with music in a collaborative concert-like setting in which clients are treated to live performances by special guests and our very own award-winning musical staff.

Clients are treated to a weekly live performance by our Director of Creative Supa along with special musical guess and, in some cases, clients who wish to showcase their very own completed musical works and renditions of their favorite cover songs. The process helps to foster support, collaboration, engagement and positive emotional experience and artistic expression. Songs performed at Feel-Good Friday very often feature intense emotional subject matter that is meant to resonate with patients and help them think about conflict and redemption. Treatment can be an emotionally taxing process; Feel-Good Friday is a leisurely yet productive way to end a week of often-intense behavioral rehab.

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Recovery Unplugged sees the journey that our patients take before writing their recovery songs and are absolutely humbled not only by the progress our patients make, but that they are so able to effectively articulate their struggles through music. We are delighted and gratified to give them the tools they need to express themselves and break down emotional barriers for lifelong healing. Call us today at 1 (855) 384-5794.

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