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Music-Based Addiction Treatment in Annandale, Virginia at the Historic Harrison House

  • Medical Detox

    Coordination with compassionate and experienced medical staff to help you or your loved safely and comfortably get through the withdrawal period.

  • Comprehensive Behavioral Care

    Leading therapists and mental health professionals help clients address the origins of their addiction through group therapy, individualized counseling and supplemental techniques.

  • Music-Based Rehab

    Clients undergo a variety of music-focused techniques which may include poetry, therapeutic drumming, listening and analysis, performance and production.

  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment

    Quality, effective and flexible treatment that allows clients to get the targeted and in-depth care they need while maintaining their careers, families and lives.

  • Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

    Deeper level of care that allow clients in need of a deeper level of care to stay at nearby residences while they work on overcoming drug or alcohol addiction.

  • In-Network Treatment Provider

    We have agreements with most major insurance companies to make treatment more affordable and accessible to you or your loved one.

Healing Addiction through Music

Recovery Unplugged at Harrison House is the first-ever fully music-based addiction treatment program in Virginia. Blending traditional treatment practices, such as detox, group therapy and individualized counseling with innovative music-focused treatment therapies, Recovery Unplugged is committed to helping you or your loved one overcome your substance use disorder and reclaim your life. You don’t have to let addiction rule your life and derail your future. Our clinicians and creative professionals are standing by to offer customized music-based recovery plans that are tailored to your care needs and lifestyle. Call (703) 454-8899 to start writing your recovery song today. We look forward to helping you walk the path to recovery.

A Forerunner of Music-Based Care

Many addiction treatment organizations have peripherally integrated music therapy into their overall care approach; however, Recovery Unplugged is the first and only treatment provider to recognize, harness and fully implement the healing powers of this art form. Music helps individuals break down emotional barriers and allows them to access dormant emotions in ways in which traditional talk therapy often falls short.

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Treatment Virginia’s Addiction Problem

Recovery Unplugged understands the unique and specialized substance abuse threats that Virginia residents face. The state is situated right in the middle of the mid-Atlantic Ground Zero for opioid addiction. The Virginia Department of Health reports that in 2016, the state saw 803 deaths from fentanyl and heroin, 465 deaths from other prescription opioids, 1,401 ER visits from heroin overdose, 8,710 visits for other opioids and 4,076 Narcan (Naloxone) deployments. The border state of West Virginia leads the country in fatal opioid overdoses. On top of prescription and illicit opiates, existing threats like cocaine, methamphetamine and synthetic drugs continue to threaten Virginians in every portion of the state.

A Safe, Comfortable and Discreet Recovery Experience

Recovery Unplugged at Harrison House is committed to offering a full continuum of care while making our clients as comfortable and safe as possible. We offer targeted and customized rehab to help clients heal as individuals, not merely a composite of symptoms.

  • Intervention

    Proactive and experienced assistance in helping families guide their loved ones toward recovery.

  • Customized Care Plans

    In-depth behavioral counseling and individualized aftercare plans for relapse prevention.

  • Family Program

    Helping families understand the disease of addiction and their role in their loved one’s recovery.

  • Holistic Therapies

    Yoga and other techniques to heal the mind, body and the spirit during the treatment process.

  • Fitness Facilities

    Helping clients maintain their physical health and fitness through access to fitness center.

  • 12-Step Program Attendance

    Helping clients stay centered and maintain support during their addiction treatment experience.

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