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Recovery Unplugged utilizes the universal language of music at our Florida drug addiction treatment center to help patients better articulate their emotions and overcome psychological obstacles that inhibit healthy self-discovery. Our creative leadership works closely with our clinical professionals to help patients find their voice and use it to heal.

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Recovery Unplugged uses the power of music to help our patients heal from drug and alcohol addiction. Our staff is made up of experienced and qualified addiction care professionals, as well as acclaimed songwriters and creative staff. These professionals have come together to lend their expertise to a truly unique and effective recovery program. If you or a loved one is battling addiction or substance abuse, Recovery Unplugged is ready to help you heal through music-based Florida drug addiction treatment and recovery.

“We get them into a place where they can actually feel again.” - Klifton Fehr, M.S. RMHCI

Recovery Unplugged is exceedingly proud of our record of success in helping patients overcome addiction and rebuild their lives through music-based Florida drug addiction treatment. With “Behind The Treatment” we want to give you insight on what we do.

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Recovery Unplugged understands that environment plays a key role in residential treatment and strives to provide our patients with all of the comforts of home and more.

Our Florida drug addiction treatment facilities provide a safe and comfortable residential experience during this vulnerable time. While clinical practices are the cornerstone of any addiction treatment program, we know that patients will be much more motivated toward treatment and recovery if they have a comfortable and supportive environment in which they can heal and focus on their treatment.

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19 September 2018

Developing Healthy Lifestyle Habits in Recovery

Recovery takes a lifetime; and it should be a healthy one. As National Recovery Month continues, and so many of us are examining how we live recovery and sobriety on a daily basis, it might be worth taking a lo...

18 September 2018

Addiction in Families: The Lesser-Discussed Casualties of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Addiction in families is becoming an increasingly common reality. Last year over 72,000 Americans succumbed to fatal drug overdose. Countless others escaped with their lives after overdosing, and more still wal...

15 September 2018

Recovery Unplugged Featured on ABC News

Recovery Unplugged co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Paul Pellinger recently spoke with ABC News  about the RU treatment process, and how we have helped clients all over the country overcome drug and alcoh...

14 September 2018

Jewel Discusses the Importance of Music for Mindfulness and Mental Health

Jewel is no stranger to adversity. From an early age, the award-winning singer-songwriter had to develop coping mechanisms to deal with a turbulent childhood that included a father who suffered from alcoholism ...

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