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Recovery Unplugged combines evidence-based addiction treatment with innovative music-focused practices to restore hope and healing.

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Voted Top Treatment Center

We’ve got some celebrating to do! Newsweek has placed Recovery Unplugged in the Top 10 Addiction Treatment Centers in Florida and Tennessee for their 2022 rankings!

We couldn’t be prouder of the recognition. Most importantly, however, we’re grateful for the opportunity to show people that. when they walk through our doors, they will find the quality care, compassion, and support they need.

Thanks so much to Newsweek and Statista for the nod, and a special congrats to the Fort Lauderdale and Nashville Teams!

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hope and Healing from Alcohol and Drug Addiction 

Richie Supa on The Story of Recovery Unplugged

Famed singer-songwriter Richie Supa explains how Recovery Unplugged was born and how our unique music-assisted treatment program uses the power of music in the fight against drugs and alcohol.

Whatever addiction or substance use has cost you, it’s time to start taking it back. Recovery Unplugged is ready to help you or your loved one drown out the voice that tells you can't quit drugs or alcohol with music to guide you toward lasting recovery and peace of mind.

We are a national addiction treatment organization that integrates music into every aspect of our care model so we can help you or your loved one more readily embrace evidence-based treatment and recovery. 

We offer all levels of care, including medical detoxification, medication-assisted treatment, and comprehensive behavioral rehab, to address the full spectrum of substance use disorder while using music to influence your mood, energy, and engagement with treatment.

You know you need help, and you know that life is better with music. Recovery Unplugged is waiting to help you merge these two realities so you can build and live your best sober life.

Insurances Accepted

Use your insurance to Get Help 

Recovery Unplugged is in- network with most insurance companies to make care more accessible to those who need it. 


Our representatives are standing by 24-7 to help you start healing today.


Addiction is everywhere. The 40 million-plus Americans who struggle with substance use disorder live all over the United States. This is why Recovery Unplugged offers a full continuum of care at as many locations as possible across the country. No matter where you are in your addiction and treatment journey, you’re never far away from a Recovery Unplugged treatment facility. 

Each one of our treatment centers is staffed with dedicated and compassionate doctors and therapists who are committed to making your treatment experience as comfortable and successful as possible. Check out our locations to find a facility near you.

Recovery Unplugged Fort Lauderdale Treatment Center
Recovery Unplugged Northern Virginia
Recovery Unplugged Austin Rehab Center

Call us today start your recovery journey.

A complete care Experience


Get expert medical care during your acute withdrawal period. Our doctors and nurses are trained to provide compassionate relief of your symptoms and intervene in the event of a medical emergency.

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Dynamic, intuitive, music-assisted rehab programs that allow you to address the root causes and triggers of your substance use and develop coping mechanisms to avoid relapse in long-term recovery.

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Residential and partial-hospitalization programs that allow you or your loved one to heal in comfort surrounded by music and free of the distractions and triggers that contribute to your substance use.

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Customized and in-depth regular and intensive outpatient (IOP) programs that offer the flexibility to maintain your career, family, and the other important aspects of your life while you’re getting help for drugs or alcohol. 

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Comfortable, beautifully appointed homes to help you stay supported, happy, and focused during your treatment. Our sober residences can serve as a bridge to everyday life after your care program.

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Licensed and certified professional interventionists who are ready to work with you and your family, no matter where you are in the country, to get your loved one the help they need for their alcohol or drug abuse.

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The Support you need in recovery 

Recovery Unplugged knows that everyone's treatment and recovery journey is different, and we strive to provide resources during and after treatment to help you or your loved one thrive in recovery. 

Recovery Unplugged


Trusted and licensed provider of FDA-approved medications for alcohol and opioid use disorders.  

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Recovery Unplugged

LGBTQ+-Friendly Addiction care resources

Providing supportive and identity-affirming care for the unique factors LGBTQ+ clients face. 

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Recovery Unplugged

MUSIC-ASSISTED Treatment experience

Using music as a catalyst to help you or your loved one build trust, process trauma, and embrace treatment. 

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Recovery Unplugged


Bring your furry friend to your residential treatment program so they can be with you while you heal. 

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Recovery Unplugged


Comprehensive care for the mental health issues that are often associated with substance use and addiction. 

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Recovery Unplugged

Dui and drug court Help

Helping you navigate and fulfill your DUI or drug court requirements to maintain compliance. 

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