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Continued Connection with Our Alumni Community

Recovery Unplugged doesn’t believe that connection with our patients ends once they leave our treatment program. We have a lasting and passionate investment in the continued success of our alumni and do everything we can to make sure they know they always have a community to rely on within our organization. The Recovery Unplugged Alumni Program was established to provide recovery support for clients with an extended community of support. Anyone who received care at Recovery Unplugged becomes part of our family. Our goal is to keep clients connected with that family and on the right track with their sobriety once they leave us.

Help for Vulnerability and Affirmation for Success

The dedicated individuals on our Alumni Team reach out to alumni every day, checking-in with them regarding the status of their recovery, as well as celebrating birthdays, lifetime milestones and recovery anniversaries with them. Members of the Alumni Team are available to Recovery Unplugged alumni 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Alumni are encouraged to contact us for support, to share the positive developments in their lives, and to reach out if they are feeling vulnerability and relapse. Each team member has a cell phone where they can be contacted via call, text, email and various social-media platforms, including Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat messages. Social media is used as a way of keeping alumni engaged and connected online. Inspirational content, event information, and news stories related to addiction and alcoholism are shared to help alumni stay motivated, in the loop and informed.


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A Fun, Rich and Supportive Social Experience

The Alumni Team also hosts events and social outings to bring together the Recovery Unplugged family. Every month events such as paintball, laser tag, and beach barbecues are held throughout South Florida. Alumni in the area are encouraged to join in the fun and either reconnect or make new connections with other sober, recovering alumni who have gone through Recovery Unplugged. The team also hosts the Annual Alumni Weekend when patients from around the country come down to Fort Lauderdale for a jam-packed weekend of dinners, outings, and the main event, a banquet where alumni enjoy a catered evening of live entertainment and testimonials.

The Solidarity You Need for Lasting Recovery

Here at Recovery Unplugged, we know that addiction/alcoholism is a chronic mental illness that needs every day care after treatment. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that the relapse rate for addiction is between 40% – 60% without proper support. Our clients do not have to be a part of that statistic – they are discharged with a new-found confidence and tools to help them achieve long term sobriety. One of these tools is the post-treatment supportive relationship we provide them through our Alumni Program. Upon discharge, each client is met by a member of the Alumni Team to exchange contact information and discuss what kind of support they will be needing in their recovery after leaving treatment.

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