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Perhaps it started off with day-drinking. Maybe you started drinking more after work because you felt like you “earned” it. It’s possible that you started using alcohol as an escape to cope with trauma. Maybe you just started when you were a teenager and haven’t been able to stop since. However your addiction to alcohol started, it’s time to get help.

Don’t let your past keep you from getting the treatment that you need and deserve. Whatever you did during the peak of your alcohol addiction doesn’t matter to us. We’ve heard countless stories and helped people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Every day, Recovery Unplugged helps patients as they fight to get their lives back from problem drinking.

Alcohol abuse can come in many different forms. It doesn’t matter if drinking has only recently started to affect your life. Maybe your life has been slowly going downhill for years. None of that changes the fact that the time to get help is now. At Recovery Unplugged, we offer every level of care to help you overcome alcohol addiction. In our alcohol abuse program, our clients go through detox, music-assisted treatment, and rehab. Our goal is to help you regain everything alcohol has taken away from you.


The statistics don’t lie. Alcohol abuse kills nearly 90,000 Americans each year from both direct and indirect causes. Each day, alcohol impacts the lives of millions more. It usually doesn’t matter if there’s clear evidence that they are out of control. Millions of alcoholics let denial, pride and fear stop them from getting the help they need. Don’t become another statistic.

Problem-drinking can lead users to make rash decisions. It’s these decisions, like drinking and driving, that risk the lives of others and themselves. If by chance you don’t die as a result of reckless behavior, that doesn’t exactly mean you’re safe from alcohol. Excessive drinking because of long-term alcohol addiction causes serious physical and mental damage. Alcohol weakens the central nervous system while harming major organs like the liver and the heart.

The longer you keep up your alcohol abuse, the more you put yourself and others at risk. It doesn’t have to be like this. You’re not alone. Let Recovery Unplugged help you start taking the steps towards a life of recovery.


No matter how much you ignore them, you will eventually have to face the signs of alcohol abuse and addiction. According to the Tenth Revision of the International Classification of Diseases, or ICD 10, alcohol abuse has many symptoms. However, alcohol abuse can be boiled down to the continuous, irresponsible, and dependent use of alcohol. While you can test for alcohol abuse, a proper diagnosis and nursing care plan are necessary for proper treatment.

Each person’s signs and symptoms will vary according to their alcohol use history and lifestyle. However, some of the more common signs include:

  • Constant Preoccupation with Drinking
  • Increased Risk-taking Behavior in the Pursuit of Alcohol
  • DUI, Incarceration or Other Legal Troubles Due to Alcohol
  • Decline in Professional or Academic Performance
  • Difference in Social and Behavioral Patterns
  • Irritation and Rationalization When Confronted about Drinking

Alcohol abuse and addiction is found among users of all ages. This is true for everyone from teenagers to seniors. Because alcohol is legal, it has caused many to believe that it’s less harmful than other substances. This belief causes the lines between acceptable drinking and alcohol abuse to get blurred. This can cause loved ones to stay silent and not speak up as often as they should.

We’re here to help you end the cycle now. If you’ve noticed any of these signs in yourself or someone you care about, it’s time to speak out. Don’t stay silent about your alcohol addiction. Get the help you need today.


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