Talksicology is our podcast featuring candid, in-depth discussions with treatment professionals, people in recovery, their loved ones, prevention advocates and other passionate and committed voices in the recovery community.

Call For Help

A Platform for the Recovery Community and its allies

There are many topics to the addiction and recovery conversation that sometimes don’t get the attention or discussion they deserve…that ends now. 

Talksicology goes beyond surface-level addiction conversation to discuss the specific things people experience in the wake of substance, whether it’s losing their job, becoming estranged from their family, struggling to find treatment, being stigmatized or anything else.


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Episode 58

Circle Back to Kerrville

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Episode 54

Progress, Not Perfection

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Episode 57


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Episode 54

Progress, Not Perfection

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Episode 56


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Episode 53

The 17th Try

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Episode 55

what the doormouse said

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Episode 52

Yes, Chef

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Episode 51

Early Bloomer

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Episode 50

Hi, Mrs. Parker

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Episode 49

Taking Care

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Episode 48

A Weight Lifted

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Episode 47

Getting Honest

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Episode 46

A Way Out

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Episode 45

Deep Impact

Episode 44

Face Your Fears

Episode 43

Never Too Early

Episode 42

Good Aura

Episode 41


Episode 40

Indelible Ink

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Episode 39

The Gifts of Recovery

Episode 38

The Grand Reintroduction

Episode 37

Is this the End?

Episode 36

The Scenic Route

Episode 35

Second Chances

Episode 34

A Bumpy Road

Episode 33

Can't Hardly Wait

Episode 32

The Scars To Prove It

Episode 31

Keep Coming Back

Episode 30

Sticks and Stones

Episode 29

A Tale of Two Fathers

Episode 28

Recover with Pride Part II

Episode 27

Recovery with Pride - Pride Month Kickoff!

Episode 26

Thank You For Your Service

Episode 25

Why We're Here - The Hosts Tell All

Episode 24

Punk in Drublic

Episode 23

Come As You Are

Episode 22

Last Call

Episode 21

Freshman Orientation

Episode 20

A Sister's Perspective

Episode 19

Loud and Clear with Doc McGhee

Episode 18

12 STEP 101

Episode 17

Be Heard: Recovery Advocacy

Episode 16

Virtual Treatment; There's Nothing Virtual About It

Episode 15

A Family Thing

Episode 14

International Women's Day: Women in Recovery

Episode 13

The Chicken or the Egg

Episode 12

No-Drink Minimum

Episode 11

The Newlyweb Game

Episode 10

Never Too Early, Never Too Late

Episode 9

Parenting in Reocovery

Episode 8

The Journey Begins:
Asking for help and early sobriety

Episode 7

Harm Reduction

Episode 6

Addiction in film

Episode 5

New Years Resolutions (are they important?)

Episode 4

Holistic Recovery and Addressing Trauma

Episode 3

Sports and Addiction

Episode 2

How CEOs can help with addiction

Episode 1

Helping A loved one battle addiction



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