A Year in Review: Noteworthy Addiction, Treatment, and Recovery News in 2023

This year saw several significant developments in the addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery landscapes. Some of these developments were tragic, some were hopeful, and some were just downright overdue. All of them were reminders of the global scale of substance abuse and how tens of millions of individuals and families need help. Let’s take a look at some of 2023’s headlines.

Dry January 2023

The year started strong, with another Dry January in the books. The holidays can be an extremely triggering and emotional time for some. Committing to 31 days of no drinking is a great way to start the year and the rest of your life.

The benefits of Dry January are significant, and you’ll likely start noticing them within the first week or two. Expect better sleep, a clearer head, and more money to start. Dry January isn’t a quick fix to your problems; you have to do the inner work.

Some use Dry January as a reset, and some sober curious folks use it to try sobriety for a test run. Many people participate in Dry Januarys to get a jump-start on their sobriety. Whatever the reason, it’s a great time of year to be alcohol-free.

We Lost First Lady and Mental Health Advocacy Pioneer Rosalynn Carter

This year, the nation said goodbye to Rosalynn Carter, former First Lady and staunch ally in the fight to improve and innovate mental health resources across the United States. Carter’s influence and support led to many substantive shifts in the way mental health services are currently delivered, including some elements used right here at Recovery Unplugged. She was instrumental in advocating for community-based care, and her efforts empowered millions to shed the stigma and seek help.

US Works with Mexico and China to Try and Curb Fentanyl Trafficking

The Biden Administration has reached significant counternarcotics agreements with China and Mexico to curb the flow of precursor chemicals used to make the drug fentanyl. It signals a step forward in this multilateral battle of prevention, treatment, and support but also reminds us that the exponential spike in overdoses is a global problem.

Comedian Dana Carvey Lost His Son to a Drug Overdose

On November 15, Dex Carvey, the 32-year-old son of comedian Dana Carvey, died from an accidental drug overdose. His untimely passing is another painful reminder that nobody is immune from addiction, and EVERYONE needs help. Recovery Unplugged sends our sincerest and most profound condolences to Carvey’s family and reminds all who are struggling that they don’t have to do it alone.

FDA Approves First Test to Help Screen for Risk of Opioid Use Disorder

In what can mean significant strides toward proactive prevention of opioid use disorder, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the first-ever test to determine the risk of opioid addiction. The AutoGenomics AvertD test is meant for adults who are considering a short-term course of oral opioid pain medications, such as after a planned surgical procedure. It can be prescribed only to people who have no prior use of opioids, and patients must consent to the test. It is not meant for those who are being treated for chronic pain.

While the test is bringing hope to the treatment and prevention communities, experts urge caution against relying too heavily on it, as they can give patients and their providers an inflated sense of security about their risk of developing opioid use disorder.

77 Episodes, Over 1 Million Views, and Big Things to Come in 2024!

Let’s extend a BIG congratulations and “ya’ did it” to the best dang recovery podcast around! Talksicology’s “The Reason is You” video recently celebrated a huge milestone, as its ONE MILLIONTH view clicked across the proverbial odometer!

What began as a need to hear from voices all across the recovery conversation and help inspire others to seek help when they needed it has fulfilled its destiny several times over (77 to be exact)…and it has no intention of stopping!

Jason, Joseph, and the entire Talx team promise more amazing guests and conversations next year. Given what they’ve accomplished already, we have every reason to believe them!! Excellent work, guys!

10 Years and 13,000 Lives Saved!

Recovery Unplugged celebrated its 10th birthday, and to say we’re grateful for the support of our staff, alumni, partners, and all who have made this dream possible is an understatement. It’s often said that 13 is an unlucky number, but for the over 13,000 people who have been helping our organization since 2013, it can mean a second chance and a fresh start. We want to thank everyone past, present, and future who have helped us reach amazing new heights since opening our doors and to assure them that their faith and support will be matched by an even deeper commitment to saving lives in the future. Here’s to 10 more years and beyond!

Recovery Unplugged Launches Spanish-Langauge Treatment Program

We were incredibly excited to launch our Spanish-language track for virtual clients. The program is available for both SUD and mental health clients and is a significant and meaningful step in eliminating language, trust, and communication barriers that can get in the way of treatment. Clients for whom Spanish a primary language now have the benefit of translation services to ensure seamless, sensitive, and culturally aware engagement with their care providers and administrators.


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