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Christian rehab in Nashville is designed to draw on the strength of your spiritual connection to God for the sake of battling addictive disorders. Nashville has hundreds of churches, and most of them have some version of a drug, alcohol, or substance recovery support program.

Key points:

  • Faith-based recovery helps people recover from drugs while focusing on their personal belief system.
  • Prayer is a Powerful Tool in Rehab that Christian rehab centers will know best how to put to good use.
  • Some criteria to distinguish between Christian drug or alcohol rehab programs include vulnerable disclosure, a focus on core biblical principles, a variety of treatment programs, effective therapy, and payment options.
  • Another distinction of Christian rehab is that it’s relationally based, not just behaviorally based.
  • Christian Drug Rehab centers near Nashville, TN, include Recovery Unplugged, McKendree United Methodist Church, and Christ Church Nashville.

Where To Find Christian Rehab In Nashville, Tennessee?

One of the most popular Christian addiction rehab programs nationwide is “Celebrate Recovery.”[1] It’s a 12-step program for guiding you away from hurts, habits, and hang-ups and towards life-giving truths.

Since its inception in 1991, it’s been integrated into 42 different state prison systems, and over 37,000 churches worldwide have gone through the program. Millions of people have successfully overcome their addictions.

Several Nashville organizations have standalone Christian rehab programs, and many churches offer recovery support groups like  “Celebrate Recovery.” Here are just a few:

Recovery Unplugged

Recovery Unplugged in Nashville offers a faith-based therapy program that offers structure, accountability, and empowerment for people battling addiction. The goal is to develop self-awareness and honesty, connect with God, and strengthen your sober resolve.

Treatment sessions last for 6 to 10 weeks, and they employ licensed, credentialed therapists. You can connect virtually from wherever you are located. Most insurance providers cover it.

Recovery Unplugged wants to connect the stories and characters of the Bible to your experiences to empower and inspire you through compassionate, effective Christian drug rehab in Tennessee.

McKendree United Methodist Church

Part of the Historic Core neighborhood of downtown Nashville, McKendree UM Church is centrally located for many people.

Every Tuesday from 6:30-8:30 p.m., a group meets in the church to discuss hurts, habits, and hang-ups using the “Celebrate Recovery” curriculum. Parking is free in the church parking garage if you remember your license number.

Christ Church Nashville

Christ Church Nashville offers a Christian 12-step program called “Celebrate Recovery.” Coffee and community unite as people have an “open share” fashion meeting style.

Finding Support Groups in Nashville, Tennessee

84% of scientific studies found faith is a positive factor in promoting addiction recovery. One of the best parts about Christian recovery support programs is that there are so many local options for people with addictions.

Since 81% of Tennesseeans claim Christianity as their religion and there are around 11,542 congregations in the state, there should be plenty of local church resources near you.

A couple of examples of Christian-based support groups are available are the many Healing Groups of Woodmont Christian Church in South Nashville and the Life Recovery Programs of Nashville Rescue Mission near downtown Nashville.

Meeting times can change, so check your desired church’s website for the most up-to-date information but you can also use Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting search tools to find a meeting near you in Tennessee.

What to Expect in Christian Rehab Treatment

What is Christian Drug Rehab Treatment?

A core Christian belief system provides governing conceptions that inform every aspect of drug rehab treatment, such as[2]:

  • How addiction can be traced to attempts to fill our spiritual void through drug/alcohol/substance misuse.
  • Beyond simply managing the disorder, recovery can be only achieved through a lifelong relationship with God.

While there are distinctly spiritual aspects to addiction, Christian rehab also acknowledges our need to fulfill biological, psychological, and social needs stemming from the same addiction.[3]

This means beyond just addressing the spiritual void, Christian drug treatment can involve medication, traditional behavioral therapy, and community.

What To Look For In Christian Rehab

Vulnerable Disclosure

Christian therapists are modeling the relationship God wants to have with you: Full disclosure and full acceptance. You should feel comfortable being honest with them.

A Focus On Core Biblical Principles

The rehab center you find should use the Bible and respected faith-based literature to inform every aspect of treatment.

Treatment Programs

The rehab center should be able to increase or decrease care according to your needs. Supporting you no matter the intensity should be their top priority.

Look for detox, residential, intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, outpatient, and aftercare programs. Remember, overconfidence can complicate your recovery. Make sure you are putting yourself into the right program.

Effective Therapy

What different kinds of therapy do they provide? Are the therapists properly licensed and accredited? Do they offer both Christian and traditional therapies?


Is the treatment affordable? Do they accept your insurance?

Types of Christian Rehab Treatment

Group Sessions

While much time is spent individually with your therapist, sessions involving other people will be part of faith-based therapy. These participants can spiritually and emotionally encourage you through the tough times of recovery.


Prayer is a Christian’s direct connection to God.

When you pray, you meditate. You’re intensely present in the moment and listening for the voice of God. This act of mindfulness is incredibly powerful in promoting recovery from addiction.

Reciting Scripture

Scripture is sharper than a two-edged sword (Hebrews 4:12-13). Reciting Scripture reminds you God promised to stay faithful to you and helps you remember that He is always faithful to his promises.

Engaging with Christian Music

Christian music, like hymns, encourages us. Good Christian music reminds you that your suffering has a purpose and that God can use anything for His good purpose. Listening to Christian music takes the focus off you and puts the focus on God.

Why Choose Christian Drug Rehab in Tennessee?

Christian rehab takes full advantage of your pre-existing relationship with Christ for your desired physical/emotional/spiritual renewal. Despite your current thoughts or behaviors, God still loved you even while you were addicted and still wants to help you overcome your addiction.

Christian rehab is an evidence-based therapy that can help be the puzzle piece you need to sustain lasting recovery from your addiction.


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