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Drug rehabilitation programs with a focus on the Christian faith leverage your spiritual strength to fight your addiction. You can typically find a Christian-based recovery resources through a standalone program or through local community resources.

Key points:

  • There are many different local options for Christian Rehab in Austin
  • You should have high standards for Christian Rehab
  • Christian Rehab leverages your spiritual strength for recovery

Where To Find Christian Rehab In Texas

One popular Christian rehab program nationwide is “Celebrate Recovery.” It’s a 12-step program for guiding you towards new, healthy habits and life-giving truths. Since 1991, thousands of people have graduated from the program nationwide. Churches send volunteers out to receive training, and those volunteers then return to implement the programs back at their home churches.

Several Texas organizations have their own Christian rehab programs. Here are just a few:

Recovery Unplugged

Recovery Unplugged in Austin offers a faith-based therapy program that acknowledges powerlessness, places faith in God, self-reflects/discloses, and willingly embraces change through intense spiritual engagement.

Treatment sessions include scripture recitations, group exercises, individual exercises, engagement with Christian music, and more. They want to connect the power of scripture to your experiences to ensure the best chance for lasting recovery.

Grace Covenant Church

This church is a participating member of “Celebrate Recovery” and offers programming specifically targeted at adults. However, many adults have kids who need a place to be during the Celebrate Recovery program.

Grace Covenant Church provides parents with a complimentary children’s resource called “Celebration Place.” Volunteers will care for kids, while adults can work on finding freedom from their addictions. The event time is Thursdays from 7-9 pm.

Shoreline Church North Campus

Shoreline doesn’t just have one or two addiction recovery groups–it has nine!

There are various groups, such as Men’s Anger and Anxiety, Women’s Codependency, and CR Youth. There is definitely a place for you in one of these. These start on Thursdays from 7-9 pm but double check the schedule on their website or by contacting the church.

Finding Support Groups in Austin, Texas

The best part about Christian recovery support programs is that local churches near you usually sponsor them. And since 77% of Texans claim Christianity as their religion and there are 27,848 congregations in the state as of 2010, there should be no shortage of local church resources near you.

A couple of examples of Christian-based support groups are available at One Step to Freedom in South Austin and Providence Recovery on Kinney Avenue in Austin.

Meeting times are subject to change so check your local church’s website for the most up-to-date information but you can also use Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meeting search tools to find a meeting near you in Texas.

What to Expect in Christian Drug Rehabilitation and Support Groups

What is Christian Rehab Treatment?

Christian rehab centers in Texas combine the power of vulnerability disclosure, prayer, and reciting Scripture to fight addiction.

While Christian rehab acknowledges the spiritual aspect of addiction, it also acknowledges your need to fulfill biological, psychological, and social needs stemming from the same addiction.[2] Faith-based therapy can be pursued in conjunction with other evidence-based therapies like MAT and CBT.

Christian therapists are modeling the relationship God wants to have with us: Full disclosure and full acceptance. Rather than simply offering coping strategies to change targeted behaviors, they also want you to establish a relationship with you.

What to Look For In Christian Rehab

84% of scientific studies show that faith is a positive factor in addiction recovery.[1] Christian drug rehabs in Texas are designed to draw on the strength of your spiritual connection to God to battle addictive disorders.

Some criteria you could use to choose Christian rehab centers in Texas could be Biblical principles, diversity of treatment programs and therapies, and embedded cost.

Sound Biblical Principles

Does the staff use the Bible as a powerful tool to promote recovery? Are they open to understanding more about your personal walk with God? Are they quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry (James 1:19-20)?

Treatment Programs

From detox all the way through aftercare, the Christian rehab center should offer an intensity of care that meets your needs. Look for medically assisted detox, inpatient/residential, IOP, PHP, outpatient, and aftercare programs. If you can get specific care to your needs, you have the greatest chance of success in staying sober.

Diversity of Therapy

What different kinds of therapy do they provide? Do they also offer medication-assisted therapy and traditional behavioral therapies? Is Biblical counseling also available? Are the therapists properly licensed and accredited? Do they offer Scripture recitation, group sessions, and engagement with Christian music? Look for these unique offerings.


Cost should never be the sole consideration in whether or not to seek therapy, but affordable care is a reasonable criterion to have. Ask the rehab center whether or not they take your insurance.

Why Choose A Christian Rehab in Austin?

Christian rehab is predicated on the reality of redemption and restoration.

Christian rehab takes full advantage of your belief in the power of God to renew you despite your thoughts or behaviors, no matter how much shame you’ve shouldered and even though you’ve hidden your authentic self.

Your therapist will model both of your spiritual needs: A safe environment for expressing connection and your authentic self. This can become the new basis by which you relate to God, the world, and yourself.

One of the greatest benefits of Christian rehab is the supportive community. Supportive community is one reason why religious support groups are so effective. The best estimate is that volunteer support groups save the US economy over $316.6 billion annually.[3]

The money saved isn’t why we engage in Christian therapy: It’s the changed lives.


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