Treatment and Recovery Tailored to Your Experiences

There’s a saying that when a person walks into a room, they bring their entire life with them; this is especially true in recovery. When you or your loved one come into treatment, you bring a lifetime of experiences, struggles and memories with you. This means you need a program that is sensitive to all these factors and that has the bandwidth to help you comfortably heal as an individual. The reality is that cookie-cutter treatment simply doesn’t work, and Recovery Unplugged is committed to curating a treatment experience that works for you based on your clinical needs, lifestyle factors, sources of strength, cultural identity and vulnerabilities. If you or your loved one are struggling with addiction, Recovery Unplugged is ready to help you heal as the unique individual that you are.

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Have issues surrounding your identity caused you to drink or use drugs? Is your freedom on the line because of drug-related legal issues? Do you suffer from extreme depression or anxiety that’s led you to substance abuse? Whatever issues are tied to your addiction, Recovery Unplugged is ready to help you face them head on while overcoming chemical dependency.

  • Dual Diagnosis


    People who need alcohol and drug rehab routinely suffer from a separate underlying mental health issue like depression or anxiety. Whether these conditions caused or resulted from substance abuse, it’s critical that you receive treatment for both issues during your addiction treatment. If you or your loved one are suffering from co-occurring addiction and mental illness, stop worrying, stop stressing and start healing at Recovery Unplugged. Whether your co-occurring disorder has cost you your job, your family, your freedom or your safety, Recovery Unplugged is ready to help. You don’t have to fight this battle on your own anymore.

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  • Rainbow

    LGBTQ+ Friendly

    Sexual and gender identity play an enormous role not only in the development of addiction, but also in the barriers that people in the community encounter when they look for help. Recovery Unplugged is a committed ally of the LGBTQ+ population and offers a treatment experience that speaks to their unique healthcare needs, as well as their behavioral and lifestyle factors. We are a safe, supportive and healing space for those who have been marginalized and subsequently driven to cope by drinking or using drugs, and a place where they can go to get culturally sensitive and informed care.

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  • Pet Icon


    Our companion animals are there for us when we’re at our absolute worst. They love us unconditionally when we make the worst decisions; they rely on us for leadership even when we have lost control of our own lives. The affection, support and stability that we get from our pets can be instrumental in recovery, which is why we commonly encourage clients to bring their pets to treatment. Contact our admissions representatives to learn more about how you can bring your pet with you on your recovery journey.

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  • Chair Icon

    Family Program
and Therapy

    Our families are, all at once, our sources of strength and inspiration and the people that contribute to and exacerbate our substance use issues. Recovery Unplugged will work with you and your family to deal with the damage addiction has caused in your relationships while helping you lay the groundwork for successful and drama-free reintegration in your family dynamic.

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  • Medication


    Recovery Unplugged is a trusted and reputable provider of Suboxone®, Vivitrol® and Sublocade® to help you or your loved one manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Our doctors and nurses will work with you to determine your eligibility and whether or not MAT is right for you. You don’t have to be afraid of withdrawal anymore.

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  • Court Icon

    Court Liaison

    So many of us only come to addiction treatment when we’re legally required to. If you or your loved one are facing legal issues due to your drinking or drug use, Recovery Unplugged may be able to help you opt for treatment over incarceration. We offer a full suite of case management and court liaison services to give you the second chance you deserve.

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Our approach of Music Assisted Treatment® is designed to help you or your loved one more readily embrace the treatment process. We incorporate music into every aspect of our programs while using existing evidence-based therapies. Clients are encouraged to write their own music and poetry, get inspired by live performances from artists in recovery and gain self-awareness through personalized playlists. To find out more about our Music-Assisted treatment approach, call us today Contact to start your healing.

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