Drug Rehab and Detox in Lake Worth, FL

Medical Detox

Onsite drug and alcohol withdrawal management from experienced and qualified doctors and nurses

Inpatient Rehab

Comprehensive music-based drug and alcohol rehab in Lake Worth at our comfortable and safe residences

Fully Appointed Residences

Safe, comfortable and discreet living quarters close to the ocean in gorgeous South Florida

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Vivitrol and Suboxone therapy to help clients overcome opioid cravings and withdrawal

Music-Based Therapy

A variety of techniques to help clients leverage the emotional and physiological benefits of music toward their recovery

Most Insurances Accepted

Recovery Unplugged Lake Worth Detox and Rehab works with most private insurance companies to make treatment more accessible

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A Full Continuum of Care

Recovery Unplugged Lake Worth Detox and Rehab offers a wide array of care services to those needing drug or alcohol rehab in Lake Worth, FL community, including inpatient rehab, onsite medical detoxification and withdrawal management and more. Our in-depth and customized Lake Worth, FL inpatient rehab services help clients with a prolonged and untreated history of drug and alcohol abuse reclaim their lives, repair their relationships and regain their health and dignity. The clinical and creative professionals at Recovery Unplugged Lake Worth work in close collaboration to address the medical, behavioral and lifestyle needs of our clients using the power of music-based therapy. The Personnel at our Lake Worth, FL drug rehab program is with you every step of the way.

Addressing the Ongoing Fallout of Addiction

Our Lake Worth, FL inpatient treatment services allow clients to not only address their immediate medical and behavioral care needs, but also to help them repair their relationships with their families, start recovering from their career and legal issues they’ve experienced due to their substance use. Whether you need inpatient alcohol rehab in Lake Worth or drug detox, we're here to help.

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The Need for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Lake Worth, FL

If you or your loved one are in need for drug or alcohol treatment in Lake Worth, you’re not alone. The state of Florida has been plagued by the infiltration of a variety of substance abuse threats, including prescription and illicit opioids and a variety of street drugs like cocaine, meth and synthetic marijuana. Unpredictable and deadly formulas have led to spikes in overdoses in the area, and it’s important that you or your addicted friend or family member get help before it’s too late. Recovery Unplugged Lake Worth is deeply in tune with the addiction issues facing Lake Worth and surrounding communities and we’re here to offer effective and compassionate treatment. For loved ones who want to visit Recovery Unplugged Lake Worth residential clients during their stay, or simply want to be by them for support during the treatment process, we want to give you all the information and resources you need to make your stay more comfortable. We understand that this is a difficult time and encourage loved ones to take advantage of the incredible attractions, dining, hotels and live music that the community of Lake Worth has to offer while your loved one is in their treatment sessions.

The Power of "Place"

One of the most effective elements of our residential lake worth rehab is the comfortable, discreet and safe environment that we provide during their treatment. Clients in our inpatient Lake worth drug rehab program are treated to multiple perks that enhance and improve their living experience:

Gorgeous and Comfortable Location

Beautifully landscaped, state-of-the-art facility situated close to the beach and other natural wonders

Homelike Amenities

Access to gym, laundry facilities onsite, three freshly prepared meals per day and semi-private rooms

The Support You Need

Trained doctors, nurses, addictionologists and case management professionals on staff on a full-time basis

Built-In Serenity

Zen garden, bookstore and vape shop and more to help clients be more relaxed during treatment

Recreational Facilities

Cornhole, gaming center, ping-pong and foosball tables, weekly barbecues and more to help clients unwind and have fun

Fully Equipped Music Space

Instruments and recording gear to help clients flesh out and record their original work and jam out

Don’t Wait Another Second to Get Help

The admissions professionals at Recovery Unplugged Lake Worth Drug Rehab are standing by to help you get the help you need for your drug or alcohol addiction. Contact us now for an insurance verification and to learn more about our program. We look forward to helping you take the first step toward recovery, call us now at 1 (855) 384-5794.

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