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Ativan Withdrawal

Don’t spend another sleepless night suffering through Ativan withdrawal. Call Recovery Unplugged today at (855) 384-5794 to get the help you need.

Symptoms of Ativan Withdrawal

Some of the more common Ativan withdrawal symptoms include headaches, nausea, disorientation and confusion, hallucinations, sleep disorder, intestinal issues, loss of appetite, depression, anxiety and more. Ativan withdrawal usually starts between one to three days from the last dose. Early withdrawal often lasts a few days until more severe withdrawal manifests and often lingers for as long as two weeks. Ativan withdrawal is different for everyone, depending upon how long and how frequent they’ve been abusing the drug. It is true for everyone, however, that the longer they’ve been misusing Ativan, or any other addictive substance for that matter, the worse the withdrawal period will be.

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Mixing Ativan with Alcohol

The Ativan withdrawal period can be considerably more difficult when patients mix the drug with alcohol. Many Ativan withdrawal symptoms, as well as other types of benzos, occur to the simultaneous presence of alcohol. These withdrawal symptoms often compound each other and can create a significantly increased threat. The sedative effects of each separate substance are increased when combining the two, making concurrent alcohol and Ativan abuse extremely dangerous. Without question, using alcohol and Ativan together increases the risk for an overdose. Mixing alcohol with Ativan or other benzos can stop a person’s breathing and cause severe harm to internal organs. Once overdose has been identified, it’s critical that medical help be deployed immediately.

Ativan Withdrawal Treatment

Ativan detox is the first step in the overall Ativan treatment process. This should be done with the help of an addiction-trained medical team in a professional detoxification program. Those who attempt to detox on their own run a significantly higher risk of relapse. Ativan withdrawal is the clearest indicator of a dependency issue. Even though you may not think you need help, you may be losing control. Many Ativan abusers also make the mistake of thinking that they can detox on their own and wind up relapsing because of the rigors of the withdrawal period. The legal, albeit regulated nature of Ativan has caused many to believe that it’s a harmless drug, which is when addiction very often takes hold. of Recovery Unplugged is ready to offer the Ativan withdrawal treatment you need to move on to the next phase of your recovery.


Higher recovery rates

Recovery Unplugged clients maintain long-term recovery (one year or longer) at a rate of four times the national average.


Higher completion rates

Our clients experience early AMA (against medical advice) discharges at a rate five times lower than the treatment industry average.


Client approval rating

Nearly all Recovery Unplugged clients report a positive, rewarding and fulfilling treatment experience and say they’d recommend our programs to others who need help.

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