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Quality, Compassion and Flexibility: Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment allows you or your loved one to get the care you need for your alcohol or drug addiction while still maintaining your everyday life, staying engaged with your family and community and staying present in your job and relationships. If you’ve been battling addiction, there’s a good chance that your relationships, career, financial situation and virtually all other aspects of your life are hanging in the balance. Sometimes it can be hard, or downright problematic, to walk away from these factors even if in the interest of getting help. Recovery Unplugged is ready to help you overcome your addiction and repair the damage it has caused in your life. Contact us today at (855) 384-5794 to start your treatment.

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Is IOP Treatment the Best Program for Me?

The reality of addiction is that there are different levels of dependency, the impact of which is exemplified through different medical, behavioral and lifestyle consequences. Some people need a more in-depth level of care that still offers the flexibility and independence to maintain their professional, family and personal obligations. IOP treatment may be a prime option for you or your loved one if you:

  • Need A Structured Program that Allows You to Return Home Each Day
  • Need the Option of Transitional Living Even though it’s Not Required
  • Need Continued Help with Medication-Assisted Treatment and Addiction-Related Medical Care
  • Are Ready for More Independent Management of Your Behavioral Issues

Our IOP programs are covered by many private insurance companies to make the process even more affordable and accessible for you or your addicted loved one.

The Care You Need for Independence in Recovery

One of the most important benefits of IOP treatment is that it allows you or your loved one to use the insights you gained in rehab to build your own coping strategies and empower yourselves during the treatment and recovery processes. You will address the root causes and sustaining factors of your addiction to help you understand your triggers and what circumstances make you prone to relapse. This level of self-awareness will kick in high-pressure situations, like when you’re with a a group of friends who decide to start drinking or out at a party where it seems like you’re the only one who is sober.

The unfortunate reality of recovery is that the world doesn’t stop using just because you do. You need an IOP treatment program that prepares you for the inevitable issues you will experience in your long-term recovery while helping you build a life around your lasting sobriety.


The approximate number of treatment centers that offer IOP treatment programs around the country.
Source: NCBI


The approximate number of addiction patients being served by IOP treatment programs each year.
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IOP Treatment Locations: You’re Never Far Away from A Second Chance

No matter where you or your loved one live, Recovery Unplugged strives to make your IOP treatment experience as accessible as possible. We offer multiple locations and can arrange transportation and logistics to treatment.

IOP Treatment in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Recovery Unplugged Fort Lauderdale Treatment Center offers a full suite of treatment services for substance use disorder, including intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment. Clients receive care from expert doctors and mental health professionals in a comfortable, safe and supportive treatment environment just minutes from the Atlantic Ocean in the heart of Fort Lauderdale.

IOP Treatment in Austin, TX

Our Austin, Texas alcohol and drug treatment centers provide a full continuum of care to address each stage of the addiction treatment cycle, including detox, rehab and aftercare. Treatment is provided in the heart of one of the nation’s leading musical hubs by a world-class team of clinical and creative professionals.

IOP Treatment in Northern VA

Recovery Unplugged Northern Virginia Treatment Center is located in Annandale, VA, just a short drive from Washington, DC. Care services include counseling, music-assisted therapy and group counseling. Our Northern Virginia treatment center is in network with most major private health insurance companies.

Using Music to Help You Heal

Recovery Unplugged offers a cutting-edge rehab approach that uses music to engage existing evidence-based treatment models. Our (IOP) rehab program utilizes music-assisted techniques, like personalized playlists, composition and songwriting, performance and production and live performances from artists who are in recovery. There is an element of music in every part of Recovery Unplugged’s behavioral health programming. The process also includes group dynamics, one-on-one counseling and other supplemental modalities to promote healing.

Start Your IOP Treatment Journey Now

Where has substance abuse taken you? Are you facing legal issues? Are you fighting with your family? Are you hanging on by a thread at your job? Whatever drugs or alcohol have cost you, Recovery Unplugged is ready to help you get it all back. Contact our admissions department today at (855) 384-5794 to learn your options for IOP treatment and receive a full insurance verification. We are committed to helping you walk the path to recovery and get the second chance you or your loved one deserve.


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