Talksicology Episode 53

The 17th Try

Episode Synopsis

Welcome back to the most Ninja Turtle heavy podcast about recovery on the airwaves today. In episode 53 of Talksicology, special guest Tyler Cricchi joins to talk about his journey into sobriety, answering some of the big “then and now” questions since getting clean.

For Tyler, finding his perfect treatment match at Recovery Unplugged was a major turning point. Incorporating music into his recovery program was motivating for Tyler, and a way to keep him engaged and invested in treatment.

What else can music do?

Joseph talks about collecting records and the rare album he just got in the mail all the way from the UK. Jason remembers when he first discovered break-dancing, and how it changed his taste in music forever. Like Tyler, Jason also came to Recovery Unplugged after dozens of attempts to get clean at other recovery centers, but said music does make the difference.

Joseph and Tyler talk about their experience representing RU at some events they’d consider pretty “far from recovery.” Tyler answers the real questions newly sober people want to know; What’s it like to go to a biker rally early into your recovery? What is a reasonable response to a stranger dousing you in vodka?

And most importantly…does acapella f*ck?

It was a rough road to where he is today, but now Tyler is happily married, loves music, dirt bikes, and being a dad, and he's glad to share his story to anyone looking for a way forward.

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