Talksicology Episode 65

Addicted to love

Episode Synopsis

Jason is solo hosting Talksicology this week, as Joseph is busy running three Recovery Unplugged facilities. Even though we miss Joseph, we’re glad to have an expert like Jason for our special guest Emily Cohen! Jason and Emily relate about their different experiences with addicted family members, and their very similar experiences with ADHD.

Emily has been a therapist and social worker, but says she didn’t really find out who she was as a person until she began her recovery journey after years of codependency, and PTSD. While both Jason and Emily can talk about their experience with family members who have struggled with addiction, Emily says that sometimes getting sober isn’t enough. If you stop doing drugs but don’t start working on yourself, you’re still going to end up hurting the people around you.

So how do you break the cycle? How do you become the version of yourself you haven’t even met yet? Finally being in a stable, loving relationship can be a big turning point, but then it’s up to you to keep the good going.

Tune in to episode 65 of Talksicology for a reality check that will shake you out of your slump, and to hear tips and tricks for how Jason and Emily are working with their ADHD - and over packing for every trip they’ve ever taken. 

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