Talksicology Episode 68

Nolo | Behind the Music

Episode Synopsis

On episode 68 of the Talksicology Podcast Jason and Joseph never miss an opportunity to spread some good news and toot their own horns. Joseph talks about celebrating 15 years sober this month(!) and how different that celebration looks today than it did when he was in his early recovery.

From an upcoming tour with rock legends, Kiss, to big things brewing at Recovery Unplugged, Jason also has plenty of good news to share while still keeping some surprises under wraps for later. Special guests this week are Richie Wall and Jason Amato from the band Nolo! Today Nolo’s music is taking off as they become a major player in the Austin music scene, but Jason and Richie say the band came from pretty humble beginnings.

Can you imagine living in a garage with four other guys while you try to stay sober and get your music career off the ground? Richie and Jason talk about their lives in early recovery, and the importance of finally being present enough to find your people. Big things are happening for Nolo with a development deal, and guitar endorsements, and it all started when they got sober through Recovery Unplugged.

If you love this story and want to help others get scholarships for their recovery, you’re in luck! Recovery Unplugged’s Empowered Shoppe is an online T-shirt store where all proceeds go towards recovery scholarships.

Catch Nolo before they blow up on episode 68 of Talksicology, Behind the Music.

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