The music industry and addiction share an often-notorious association. We often think of musicians dying too young from overdose or crashing and burning and fading into obscurity because they couldn’t get it together. Recovery Unplugged is turning this perception on its head and illuminating the positive and deeply inspiring association between music and the recovery process. One of the ways we illustrate how music can help our clients overcome drug or alcohol addiction is by connecting with artists who have successfully battled substance abuse in their own lives. Through our partnership with Face the Music Foundation and other key players in the music industry, Recovery Unplugged frequently hosts emerging and established recording artists who understand what it’s like to struggle with addiction.


Watch Aerosmith's Steven Tyler perform for our clients and staff. A long-time collaborator with RU's Richie Supa, Tyler has worked Richie to produce such hits as "Pink" and "Amazing". Richie and Steven have worked together for decades, and Recovery Unplugged was honored to have him come perform for our clients. See Steven and Richie perform "Amazing", Richie's deeply autobiographical account of his own addiction.


Florida rapper Flo Rida stopped by our Fort Lauderdale treatment center for a live performance and some deeply inspiring words. Watch a little bit of his performance and hear how he used music to overcome his substance use issues. Flo Rida established a genuine emotional connection with our clients and reinforced our belief that music can help them heal.


Watch rapper, producer and recovery advocate Ty Dolla $ign lay down the low end with RU’s director of creative Recovery Richie Supa. Our clients were able to connect with the artist and hear about his recovery experiences during his trip to our facility. In addition to speaking, Ty Dolla $ign performed some of his own original music in a performance that was unforgettable for our clients.


Watch alternative mainstays Candlebox perform their smash-hit “Far Behind” for our clients. The group’s frontman Kevin Martin explained the painful and biographical origins of the song, and how it was written for friend and fellow Seattle musician Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone after he succumbed to drug addiction. Martin captivated the audience with a passionate performance.


South Florida's own Kendra Erika recently dropped by our weekly Feel-Good Friday meeting and treated our clients to a haunting and unforgettable performance. Kendra shared the stage with Richie Supa and relayed an inspirational message about the role of music in the recovery process and everyday happiness. Watch some of her performance here.


When rapper and recovery advocate Saul Paul dropped by Recovery Unplugged for a Feel-Good Friday freestyle, he reminded our clients exactly how far the power of music can take you. He fully engaged the crowd in his performance and taught a min-masterclass in the building blocks of freestyling and songwriting. It’s always a pleasure to have Saul Paul stop by and we’re grateful for his partnership over the years.


The Lords of 52nd Street cut their teeth in the clubs of New York City decades ago and were the musical engine behind some of Billy Joel’s bestselling albums. The group recently stopped by Recovery Unplugged for a performance of some of their original material and to share the stage with our own Richie Supa. Together they performed a haunting extended version of the classic “Stand by Me” that resonated deeply with everyone in the room, including clients and staff. The group also offered some of their own insights on the addiction recovery process and the power of music to aid in the healing process.


Like other clients who come to Recovery Unplugged for help with their drug and alcohol addiction, Ashley had a deep and abiding desire to get clean and rebuild her life using the power of music. It soon became clear, however, that there was something very special about her: a powerful and soulful singing voice that had the power to captivate whatever audience had the pleasure of hearing it. Listen to Ashley perform a haunting and deeply autobiographical rendition of Andra Day’s “Rise up”. Recovery Unplugged is enduringly proud of the progress that Ashley has made in her recovery, and we are grateful that we were able to assist this incredible talent on her journey.



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