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Palm Beach County Drug Court Program

The Palm Beach County Sherriff’s Office continues to report high rates of drug-related arrests, leading to overcrowding of local, regional and national correctional facilities, as well as the potential derailment of otherwise promising lives. One of the enduring remedies to this ongoing struggle has been the establishment and implementation of the Palm Beach County Drug Court Program. Eligible citizen- defendants with pending felony (or misdemeanor) drug charges may voluntarily enter into Palm Beach County’s Drug Court program and take part in a minimum year-long period of intensive addiction rehabilitation closely supervised the entire time by the Drug Court Judge and Drug Court Staff. Recovery Unplugged has been working with the Palm Beach County Drug Court for years, helping to shepherd eligible defendants toward treatment and a better tomorrow.

Two Types of Drug Court Programs

Palm Beach County offers a drug court program for individuals and families to help them get their charges dropped, get the help they need for their substance use disorder and reunite with their loved ones from whom they’ve become estranged due to addiction-related dysfunction. Both programs last a minimum of 12 months and include a series of accountability measures, such as regular court appearances, drug screening and others. Recovery Unplugged offers comprehensive medical and behavioral addiction care, as well as expert advocacy and assistance to guide participants through their paperwork and compliance requirements to ensure they’re adhering to their respective program.

Scope of Palm Beach County Drug Court Program

  • Comprehensive bio-social assessment performed. The clinical assessment determines the appropriate entrance phase specifically tailored to address the needs identified in the applicant's assessment.

  • Four-phase drug treatment program integrating substance abuse treatment, sanctions and incentives, with case management to involved defendants.

  • In coordination with a drug court judge, the drug court staff utilizes criminal justice partnerships to assist the defendant with supportive social services including, employment, educational/vocational, and transportation.

The Palm Beach County Drug Court Program is open to applicants of most ages; however, eligibility restrictions apply.

palm beach county court liaison
Sehar Ryan

Meet Our Palm Beach County Drug Court Liaison

Sehar Ryan is our Court Liaison for the East Coast, aiding incoming clients in all court-related matters, including but not limited to Marchman Act procedures, downward departures, alternate sentencing, custody assessments and status reports. In addition, Sehar assists in all matters relating to treatment placement, community outreach, client advocacy and account maintenance. She is deeply committed to helping our eligible drug offenders gain the opportunity for freedom, recovery and a better future.

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