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Michael Ferri, MD

Medical Reviewer

Dr. Michael Ferri has more than fifteen years of experience working with patients who struggle with addiction. He is board certified in Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine, and Medical Director of two highly regarded residential treatment programs. He has published research on addiction treatment and is a regular teacher and contributor in the addiction treatment community. In 2017 he launched the InSight Recovery & Wellness program to offer a holistic approach to addiction treatment in the community setting.

Dr. Michael Ferri, is a leading authority in Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine with an illustrious 17-year track record of providing unparalleled care to patients battling addiction. A proud alumnus of Queen's University School of Medicine, he graduated in 2006 and further honed his expertise by completing his residency and a specialized fellowship in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry at Vanderbilt University Medical Center by 2011.

His affiliations with institutions like Rolling Hills Hospital and Tennessee Valley Healthcare System in Franklin, Tennessee, are a testament to his esteemed stature in the medical community.

As a Medical Director, Dr. Ferri has been at the helm of two premier residential treatment programs, ensuring that patients benefit from the highest standards of care. His commitment to advancing the field is evident in his published research on addiction treatment, which has played a pivotal role in shaping contemporary treatment methodologies. A passionate educator, Dr. Ferri consistently shares his insights with the addiction treatment community, promoting a culture of knowledge and growth.


●17 years of dedicated service to patients grappling with addiction.

●Medical Director of two premier residential treatment programs including the InSight Recovery & Wellness program in 2017.

●Published research on addiction treatment, contributing to contemporary treatment methodologies.

●In affiliation with renowned medical institutions such as Rolling Hills Hospital and Tennessee Valley Healthcare System in Franklin, Tennessee.


●Queen's School of Medicine (2006)

●Medical Residency at Vanderbilt University (2010)

●Fellowship, Psychiatry Consultation-Liaison at Vanderbilt University (2011)

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