Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol withdrawal is one of the clearest indicators of a dependency issue. It is manifested through a variety of mild to severe physical and psychological symptoms. Symptoms will worsen the longer alcohol abuse continues. Because drinking has become so pervasive in American culture, creating the need for quality withdrawal management in and the rest of , the lines often get blurred between what is acute withdrawal and what is a one-time hangover. Recovery Unplugged offers medically supervised alcohol withdrawal treatment in to help patients overcome their problematic drinking and regain their lives. Alcohol abuse creates serious and profound changes in neurobiology and patients need expert help in restoring proper brain function.

Beer Withdrawal

Beer withdrawal is best treated through medically supervised detox and, if necessary, maintenance medications like naltrexone of Antabuse. Patients should consult their physician or treatment professional prior to taking any medication for their beer withdrawal. In a culture that so broadly celebrates beer and alcohol, it can be hard to distinguish between a casual love of drinking and an alcohol abuse issue. If you’re experiencing beer withdrawal, this a sure sign that your body and brain has, on some level, come to expect beer and that you’re drinking too much. Call Recovery Unplugged today for compassionate and effective beer withdrawal management.

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Liquor Withdrawal

The liquor withdrawal period transcends the quintessential isolated hangover. It is, in essence, a continuous and prolonged exhibition of symptoms that indicate some level of alcohol dependence. , as well as the rest of the United States, have a close relationship with liquor. It is, in fact, the preferred type of alcoholic drink for approximately 20 percent of the nation. Liquor includes any alcoholic beverage that is not beer or wine (scotch, bourbon, vodka, brandy, etc.). Recovery Unplugged offers compassionate, clinical treatment of liquor withdrawal followed by alcohol rehab.

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Wine Withdrawal

Once wine withdrawal has set in and a problem has been identified, it’s imperative that patients seek professional treatment right away. Those who think they overcome wine withdrawal on their own run a heightened risk of relapse and subsequently worse withdrawal periods. Recovery Unplugged offers compassionate and effective treatment for wine withdrawal. Our doctors, nurses and support-staff will help you expel the toxins in your body and guide you toward a clean bill of health.

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