A Year in Review: Noteworthy Addiction Events in 2022

Biden’s Marijuana Pardons

In October, President Biden issued pardons for individuals incarcerated for simple marijuana possession offenses. The pardons applied to only federal convictions, not those under state or local jurisdiction. Biden also launched a review of how federal officials classify the drug. These are important steps as both deviate from “the war on drugs” mentality.

A pardon doesn’t mean that the convicted person is now innocent. Still, it does remove some restrictions like the right to vote or sit on a jury and may help people with future employment opportunities or obtaining certain licenses.

It’s important to keep in mind that these pardons only affect marijuana possession offenses that happened before October 6, 2022. They don’t apply to convictions that have happened since then or in the future. Over 6,500 people were affected by the pardons.

Biden’s Marijuana Pardons

Mac Miller’s drug dealers get sentenced

The music community experienced a devastating loss in 2018 when Mac Miller suffered an accidental drug overdose from consuming pills laced with fentanyl. Cocaine and alcohol were also found in his system at the time of his untimely death. Miller was open about his struggles with substance abuse throughout his career.

In May of 2022, Miller’s dealer was sentenced to 17.5 years for his role in the artist’s death. Previously, another man was sentenced to 11 years for his role.

The hip-hop artist’s tour was set to begin later that year. He was nominated for his first Grammy award three months after he passed away.

Mac Miller Dead from Fentanyl, Cocaine and Alcohol Combination.

Recovery Unplugged reaches 10,000 people treated milestone

In September, Recovery Unplugged celebrated a significant milestone: 10,000 people were treated in less than ten years after our doors opened. That is nearly 4 million days of recovery among our alumni. Talk about some significant sober time!

At Recovery Unplugged, we offer various services, including inpatient, outpatient, and virtual treatment options, with a music element in each program.

We know this milestone is not even close to making a dent in our communities. Many more people still need help, and we will continue to focus on healing those struggling with substance use and mental health challenges.

over 10,000 clients helped

Sober artists perform at Super Bowl LVI halftime show

February brought sobriety to the big stage as three sober artists performed at the 2022 halftime show at Super Bowl LVI. That’s a combined sober time of over 40 years!

Mary J. Blige has spent most of her adult life battling cocaine and alcohol abuse. In a 2014 Billboard interview, she said of her drinking, “It’s peaks and valleys, peaks and valleys.” Sobriety isn’t easy, and she’s not wrong.

Kendrick Lamar embraces a clean lifestyle and promotes sobriety to his fans. Growing up around partying made him choose the drug- and alcohol-free path early in his career, and his high-level success speaks for itself.

Last but not least: May I have your attention, please….will the real…

Okay, it’s Eminem. We hope that Slim Shady reference made his fans happy. He’s been sober since April 2008 and speaks about it regularly since first opening up to the New York Times in 2011.

It’s so important to get the recovery message out there. With over 100 million viewers of the Super Bowl, it got people talking.

Sober-AraSober Artists 2022 Big Gametists-Big-Game-Halftime-Show.jpg

Dry January

The year started strong, with another Dry January in the books. The holidays can be an extremely triggering and emotional time for some. Committing to 31 days of no drinking is a great way to start the year and the rest of your life.

The benefits of Dry January are significant, and you’ll likely start noticing them within the first week or two. Expect better sleep, a clearer head, and more money to start. Dry January isn’t a quick fix to your problems; you have to do the inner work.

Some use Dry January as a reset, and some sober curious folks use it to try sobriety for a test run. Many people participate in Dry Januarys to get a jump-start on their sobriety. Whatever the reason, it’s a great time of year to be alcohol-free.

Dry January Logo

TxCOPE launches

Harm reduction continued to be a heavy topic in 2022 as Texas organization TxCOPE (Texans Connecting Overdoes Prevention Efforts) launched, providing various resources for Texas communities in need.

Harm reduction helps provide a second chance and the opportunity for people to explore treatment options. It’s still a controversial approach to recovery, but it’s doing a lot of good. Oh, and it’s backed by scientific and anecdotal research, so there’s that.

Harm Reduction

Will Smith’s slap brings men’s mental health to the front

The 2022 Oscar night in March was a night to remember in more ways than one. “The slap” sparked outrage and confusion and started an important conversation that our country remains quiet about all too often: men’s mental health.

Masculinity, power, and emotional regulation are all critical topics to examine when discussing men’s mental health. The numbers don’t lie, men are 3.5 times more likely to die from completing suicide compared to women, and at least 60% of men have endured at least one trauma.

In addition, Black men’s mental health is another meaningful conversation that stemmed from the Oscars incident. Black men are significantly less likely to receive treatment because of socioeconomic barriers and deeply rooted stigma. Let’s keep the conversation going, and know that if you need help, Recovery Unplugged is here.

Will Smith Oscars slap mental health.

Recovery Unplugged was voted a Top 10 addiction treatment center by Newsweek

Some BIG celebrations happened when Newsweek put Recovery Unplugged Nashville and Fort Lauderdale locations in the Top 10 treatment centers in their respective states, Florida and Tennesee.

The ranking was no popularity contest; a detailed survey of over 4,000 medical professionals and an analysis of treatment centers’ accreditation status was used.

What does this mean to us at Recovery Unplugged? It means we’re fulfilling our mission of providing hope, healing, and freedom from addiction for you and your loved ones. We ensure we’re well-equipped to care for the individuals we serve in our five locations nationwide and our online services.

Top Treatment Centers

Elvis’s biopic doesn’t tell the whole story

Austin Butler played the music superstar in the biopic: Elvis, which was released in June 2022. After receiving mixed reviews from critics, the sober community and others were less than impressed.

The film did a great job showing us a portion of Elvis’s life related to music, but it didn’t show viewers how much the “King of Rock and Roll” struggled with drugs and alcohol. And for no good reason. It’s well known that the singer died from a heart attack at age 42, likely linked to his long-time drug addiction.

The lack of transparency about the singer’s addiction issues in the film highlighted the importance of the media’s role in continuing the stigma of addiction. If nothing else, it was a discussion starter.


Mental health month

We observed Mental Health Month in May of 2022. Since 1949, people have used the month of May to raise awareness, increase and promote advocacy, and share resources with the millions of Americans who need support for their mental illnesses and addiction struggles, including the loved ones of those suffering.

At Recovery Unplugged, we are committed to helping end mental health stigma and supporting individuals who need our treatment services and programs.

Our in-person and virtual mental health treatment programs provide comprehensive care for you or your loved ones suffering from mental health issues. In addition, our dual-diagnosis treatment is available.

To find out more about Mental Health Month 2023, click here.

Examining Addiction and Mental Illness during Mental Health Month

Recovery Unplugged celebrates PRIDE month

In June, Recovery Unplugged staff and alumni honored, supported, and celebrated our LGBTQ+ friends, family members, and neighbors at various events.

The statistics speak for themselves; it’s no secret that LGBTQ+ adults struggle with mental health difficulties more than heterosexual, cisgender adults. Substance abuse affects 20-30% of LGBTQ+ adults compared to 8.4% of heterosexuals, and 86.4% of LGBTQ+ adults with a substance use disorder don’t get treatment.

Each year, Recovery Unplugged dedicates time to examining factors perpetuating substance abuse and mental health struggles within the LGBTQ+ community. We also consider our part in improving these outcomes. Click here for a recap of Recovery Unplugged’s PRIDE month 2022 celebrations.

Pride Month

Steven Tyler reenters rehab after relapse

In May, Aerosmith frontman and dedicated supporter of Recovery Unplugged, Steven Tyler, entered a treatment program after a relapse on prescription medications.

“As many of you know, our beloved brother Steven has worked on his sobriety for many years,” the statement read. “After foot surgery to prepare for the stage and the necessity of pain management during the process, he has recently relapsed and voluntarily entered a treatment program to concentrate on his health and recovery.” -Aerosmith’s Instagram page

Tyler’s relapse demonstrates that substance abuse issues do not discriminate. It doesn’t matter who you are, how much fame or money you have, or how long you’ve been sober. Recovery is a daily battle for many people, and ongoing support is necessary.

Steven Tyler Enters Rehab after Surgery

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