Recovery Unplugged Ranks in Newsweek’s Top 10 Addiction Treatment Centers for 2022

Recovery Unplugged Treatment Centers is pleased and excited to announce that our unwavering commitment to saving lives and helping people overcome addiction, and mental health struggles has been recognized by Newsweek in its 2022 Best Addiction Treatment Centers rankings. Our Fort Lauderdale and Nashville locations placed in the Top 10 Addiction Treatment Centers for Florida and Tennessee.

The rankings, for which Newsweek collaborated with leading data collection and analysis firm Statista for the third consecutive year, are based on a survey of over 4,000 medical professionals and an analysis of the treatment centers’ accreditation status. They specifically measure expert insights and recommendations, quality scores, and accreditation.

The ranking is the result of an elaborate process that, due to the interval of data collection and analysis, reflects the past 12 months. Recovery Unplugged is honored and grateful for the recognition, and thanks Newsweek and Statista for the nod.

A Message to Those Who Need Help

More importantly, however, we hope that these rankings serve as an indicator to the millions of Americans who need help for their substance abuse and mental health issues, as well as their loved ones, that they’re getting the best, most comprehensive, and targeted care when they come through our doors.

We live in a time when addiction and mental illness are more pervasive than ever. Unfortunately, not every treatment center is equipped to address the diverse and interconnected care needs of every patient.

Since we opened our doors nearly ten years ago, our mission of providing hope, healing, peace of mind, and lasting freedom from addiction has only strengthened and expanded. These rankings among Newsweek’s Best Addiction Treatment Centers, as well as the faith, success, and lived happiness of our alumni and client communities, signal a huge step forward, and it’s only the beginning.

If you or your loved one needs help for addiction or mental health struggles, we’re standing by 24-7 to help you take the first step toward recovery and lasting wellness. Contact our dedicated admissions staff now for a full insurance verification.

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