Sober Artists Represent in Full Force at the 2022 Big Game Halftime Show

The average Halftime Show for the, ahem, Big Game, is between 12-14 minutes. However, this year’s performers have been sober for well over 40 years, collectively, and they’re bringing serious sober vibes to the most-watched sporting event, or really any event, of the year. Whether it’s because of their recovery or their own lifestyle choices, these artists have chosen to live their lives and pursue their passions without having to answer to drugs or alcohol. Let’s take a look at some of this year’s Big Game sober artists.

Mary J. Blige

Let’s hear it for the Queen of Hip-Hop…louder in the back! Blige has spent 34 years innovating the genre, the last 10 of them actively and passionately sober. In addition to her 50 million-plus records sold and nine Grammys, Blige can pride herself on having the wisdom, energy, and strength found only in recovery. We’ll let her take it from here with her beautifully autobiographical track “No More Drama.”


Sober, for a little over 12 years, the groundbreaking, multi-award-winning spitter of rhymes has also chosen to spit out the drugs and alcohol. He immortalized his substance abuse and recovery journey in his 2010 track “Not Afraid.”

Kendrick Lamar

You can probably count on one hand the number of mega artists who embrace a sober lifestyle, and Kendrick would appear on the pointer finger at the very latest. The artist has been radically honest about the trauma and dysfunction of growing up in a family where alcohol and drug abuse were rampant and, despite casual use in the early days of his career, has chosen to live a life that reverses the trend. It’s pretty humbling. And speaking of being humble, enjoy!

Why Is It Important That Sober Artists Are Represented?

Recovery is hard…period…full stop. One thing that makes it easier is when people realize they aren’t alone. It’s also a, pardon the pun, game-changer, to see their experiences mirrored in larger-than-life figures. The sober artists at this year’s Big Game halftime share a collection of experiences with many people in recovery. They’ve seen the struggle and hardship of the journey, whether in their lives or the lives of their loved ones, and they were able to overcome it.

Over 100 million people are expected to watch this year’s Big Game, many of whom are battling addiction directly or indirectly. Recovery Unplugged wants all of them to know that a better future is possible for themselves or their loved ones. Take the 12-14 minutes to watch these sober artists shine, then pick up the phone or go online, contact Recovery Unplugged, and start writing your own comeback.

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