10,000 Strong and Counting: Recovery Unplugged Reaches Incredible Treatment Milestone

over 10,000 clients helped

4 million days in recovery

Sometimes an organization has a unique opportunity to see, with remarkable clarity, the impact that it’s making and the lives it’s changing for the better. While Recovery Unplugged is fortunate enough to see this impact in our clients’ evolutions every day, we are deeply gratified to announce a significant milestone in our own evolution.

As of September 25, 2022, our organization has officially treated over 10,000 people since opening our doors a little less than ten years ago. This represents over 10,000 new chances; 10,000 families with renewed hope; and 10,000 opportunities to make things right in recovery.

Whether our clients are getting help through our inpatient, outpatient, or virtual services, our team has been committed to guiding these 10,000 (and counting) individuals toward recovery, lasting wellness, and a better tomorrow.

To some people, this has meant a chance to reconnect with their families; to others, it’s meant rebuilding or advancing their careers. To many, it’s simply meant reclaiming their physical health and peace of mind. To ALL, it’s meant a new beginning and a chance to move forward and achieve personal growth…and there’s nothing more powerful than that.

We Couldn’t Do It Without You

We want to thank all who have been part of this beautiful and rewarding journey so far, including our exemplary current and former staff and our partner organizations who have been instrumental in our outreach, clinical treatment, and community engagement efforts.

Most of all, we want to thank the clients who have entrusted us to care for them over the years and the families who have partnered with us to give their loved ones the second chance they deserve. With a full understanding of what an honor and privilege it is to have your faith and confidence, we have worked as hard as we can to earn it more than 10,000 times over, and hope to earn it 10 million times more.

10,001 and Beyond

While Recovery Unplugged is incredibly proud of this achievement and the strides we’ve made in our short history, we are fully mindful of the work yet to be done and the people who still need our help. We always tell our clients and their families that recovery is a lifelong endeavor that must be nurtured; so, too, is the work of promoting and facilitating recovery for all.

What began as a small enterprise promoting an earnest and completely new concept in addiction care has become a phenomenon that has positively impacted the lives of tens of thousands of people, from the clients who have rebuilt their lives in recovery, to the families that have gotten their loved ones back, to the Recovery Unplugged team members who have been part of this incredible journey. As we surpass 10,000 clients treated and nearly 4 million days of recovery among our alumni, trust us when we say…the best is yet to come!

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