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Nick C Recovery Unplugged Alumni

Nick C.

Recovery Unplugged was the first treatment program that showed me that a sober lifestyle could be fun and fulfilling.

"Growing up, addiction was something I never envisioned happening in my life, however today, I am so grateful God led me down this path and into recovery. My addiction began and progressed through high school and into college but I refused to admit I had a problem…I would use any excuse to justify my use as recreational and would tell myself it was manageable. The day inevitably came when I could not hide my addiction from everyone, including myself, any longer. I spent a couple of years in and out of several rehabs, struggling with staying sober because I never understood the need to connect with and surround myself with a sober community…until I came to Recovery Unplugged. The difference was the support I received from an amazing community who has been there for me throughout my recovery, no matter what I was going through, good or bad. And, Recovery Unplugged was the first treatment program that showed me that a sober lifestyle could be fun and fulfilling. At Recovery Unplugged, I have found role models who have shown me how they turned their lives around after struggling with similar experiences of addiction. These relationships have given me strength and most importantly, hope, to keep working everyday on my own recovery. As a result, I am able to now live a happy and fulfilling life. I want to give back and try to be a positive role model for the people that come into Recovery Unplugged.

There is a lot beyond community that I continue to get from being a part of the Recovery Unplugged family. I have a great sense of belonging, have built friendships with both staff and clients and I have the opportunity to support others through hard times in their recovery, just like the staff and community did for me. I have never felt like they didn’t do everything they could to make sure I was set up for success in my sobriety and I have never felt uncomfortable or ashamed to reach out to them. I now do my best to help other men still in treatment by being their sponsor. I show up to Alumni every week possible to show my commitment and the importance of consistency in working this program. I currently manage one of the sober living houses through Recovery Unplugged where I have the opportunity to be there for both new people to the house and others that I have been with since the very beginning of my treatment and recovery journey. Like I said in the beginning, I am grateful God led me down this path and I know he is always with me in my recovery."