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Ashley Armstrong Recovery Unplugged Alumni

Ashley Armstrong

Hey Ashley, how'd you do it?

"When I got to Recovery Unplugged after many failed attempts at trying it my way; I stopped fighting the system and just listened. I got a sponsor right away and immediately started working the steps with her. By the time I was out of treatment I was almost done with the work and able to sponsor. I started doing service work/taking other girls through the work and amazing things started happening for me. I got a full time job shortly after getting out of treatment which was super beneficial to me and I was blessed with being able to manage the sober living that I moved into. The community I jumped into are now like family to me and I stay close to them no matter what is happening in my life today. Staying grateful for everything I have gained from my sobriety and staying teachable is important to me. I continue to work with my sponsor and other females in recovery on a daily basis."