Your story matters

Eric Wolf

“My story and using was the same as all of us addicts."

The only thing that differs is my way of telling it. Upon my arrival to the rooms I was greeted warmly and offered all inclusion and more than enough opportunity to grow but I was still in the mind state of doing things my way. That would prove to be the biggest mistake I could make while attempting a selfless program. I was able to abstain from drug use simply by attending meetings and living in a halfway house, I still indulged in careless spending of money, emotional manipulation of friends and partners, I had no progression in my career and I wasn’t taking care of my mental health. It eventually took me back out after eight months.

After refunding my misery for the next year I eventually came to a crossroad with myself that involved the law, my sanity and my relationship with my family. Everyone was sick of me including myself. I knew that through the connections I had made previously in the program I had a shot to get connected to the program again. So I reached out to a mentor of mine in the same state as he had met me previously, emotionally bankrupt, suicidal and hopeless. Conventional treatment hadn’t worked in the past and as a last resort my mentor suggested Recovery Unplugged. The willingness I had and effort I made to just get off the plane and into their hands is what I credit my life to today. A combined effort of professionals, strong members of the fellowship and my last bit of willingness, honesty and open mindedness taught me that there was a new way of life. I have a career now. I’m going back to school to become a sailor. I have a family again. I have friends and possessions and interests again. I’ll have a year clean on Jan. 18th 2019. There is life after drugs. The lie is dead, We Do Recover.”