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Sarah Krasner Alumni Recovery Unplugged

Sarah Krasner

I know as long as I don’t pick up my life will be beyond my wildest dreams!

I had the desire to stop using, but I couldn’t stop. That’s when Recovery Unplugged came into my life and it all changed. I always had a love for music, but it fell short in active addiction. Recovery Unplugged helped spark that light in me again. I sing every single day now. Recovery unplugged taught me how to use music as a medicine. I will never forget that.

I work a program, I attend meetings, and I have a sponsor. I work the twelve steps of Narcotics Anonymous. This all helps me stay clean. I have an amazing support group that I can go to any time for advice. I have a great home group and I am the treasurer of that home group. Service is another big part of my recovery. I love nothing more than going back to Recovery Unplugged and sharing my story and spreading hope to other recovering addicts in the same position I was once in.

If you have the desire to stop using but can’t there is a way out! My family and Recovery Unplugged saved my life. I’m 9 months clean, and I am so excited for what life has to bring next!