Recovery Unplugged All-Access Pass: Austin Treatment Center

Get an Earful of Life at Recovery Unplugged Austin Treatment Center

Take a behind-the-scenes look at how Recovery Unplugged is changing lives through music-assisted addiction recovery at our Austin, TX treatment center. See what it’s like to get best-in-class alcohol and drug treatment in the music capital of the United States.

Music-Based Austin Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Customized Healing

Partial day programs and residential care to suit your care needs and lifestyle

A Musical Mecca

Heal from addiction and reconnect with music in one of the nation’s leading musical hotspots

Relief from Withdrawal

Overcome physical and psychological withdrawal trough medical detox and medication assistance

Get Your Head Right

Comprehensive, music-based rehab to help you regain control of your mind and your life

A Lifetime Ally

Alumni and aftercare services to help you continue your recovery well after you’ve left our program

Be Heard

Write, record and perform your own music and let the world know your strength and creativity

How Music Assisted Treatment Breaks Down Barriers

Musical Medicine Comes to Austin

What better place to help our clients experienced music-based addiction treatment than in one of America’s biggest littlest stages. Austin has come to symbolize a musical and cultural oasis in its region, and the place where many artists come to fully hone their craft and connect with new and wider audiences. Recovery Unplugged Austin Treatment Center is helping clients from Austinites and all over the country connect with music in a whole new way by fully integrating it into their treatment and recovery. Through music-focused therapeutic techniques like songwriting, performance and production, poetry and more, clients use music to better engage with and articulate their emotions.

Take Your Place on Our Stage

Our world-class doctors, nurses and mental health professionals collaborate with our accomplished creative staff to develop customized treatment plans for each individual client. These plans include medical care for the immediate issues associated with substance abuse as well as in-depth behavioral rehab and counseling. Experience our full continuum of Austin drug and alcohol treatment now. We’re waiting to help you or your loved one overcome drug or alcohol addiction. If you're supporting a loved one at our Austin treatment facility by staying near them during this vulnerable time, there are plenty of quality options for food, live music, shopping, attractions and lodging in Austin to help make your stay more comfortable.

Recovery Unplugged Austin Treatment Center
Recovery Unplugged Austin Treatment Center
Recovery Unplugged Austin Treatment Center
Recovery Unplugged Austin Treatment Center
Recovery Unplugged Austin Treatment Center
Recovery Unplugged Austin Treatment Center
Recovery Unplugged Austin Treatment Center
Recovery Unplugged Austin Treatment Center

A Proven and Effective Treatment Resource

Think of the power that music has to transform your mood and alter the direction of your day; how for just a few minutes, you can be listening to your favorite song and all the pressures, stresses in problems in your life can just melt away. Recovery Unplugged Austin drug and alcohol treatment harnesses this emotional release and leverages it to help our clients experience and cultivate positive thought patterns. Experience the difference today. Music has been proven effective in the management of various conditions, including depression, anxiety, chronic pain and more. Although other Austin rehab and treatment centers may offer music-based treatment peripherally, Recovery Unplugged is the only organization to fully integrate it into our rehab.

What to Expect

Our Austin drug and alcohol treatment facility is designed to help clients fully connect with music, so they can use it as a means of building confidence, emotional strength and support during their treatment and long-term recovery.

Comfortable Housing

Spacious, semi-private and fully appointed rooms with luxury sleeping quarters, snack bar, streaming services and cable

Freshly Prepared Meals

Residential clients receive breakfast, lunch and dinner and PHP clients receive daily catered lunch from our professional chef

Frequent Musical Performances

Get invaluable insights and see unforgettable musical performances from emerging and establishing artists in recovery

Write and Play Your Own Music

Fully appointed music space with instruments and gear to help bring your music to life and get it out to others

Recovery Unplugged Records

Eligible clients can release their music on our label and show it to wider and wider audiences

A Community for Life

Regular alumni outings give clients a chance to stay connected with the people they met in treatment

Get Help Now

Don’t wait until it’s too late to get the help you need for your drug or alcohol abuse. If you feel that you or someone you care about can benefit from quality, music-focused addiction treatment in Austin, contact Recovery Unplugged Austin Treatment Center today at 1 (855) 384-5794 to speak with one of our admissions professionals.

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