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Humans in Recovery: Maggie Galleymore

Recovery Unplugged is committed to illustrating the possibilities and benefits that come with getting and staying clean. This includes telling the amazing and inspiring of people in the recovery community. This month, we spoke with Recovery Unplugged outreach representative Maggie Galleymore to hear her story. A valued and committed member of the Recovery Unplugged family, Maggie was happy to share her stories to inspire others still struggling with addiction. We’re incredibly grateful to hear her insights and for her daily contributions to our clients.

When did you first enter recovery?

My clean date is March 22, 2015.

When did your substance use start?

My substance use started when I was 14 years old.

Can you tell us why you think your substance use started?

Probably, like most of us, it was an accumulation of things. I had trauma from an unstable home life. I felt lost and angry all the time as a result. As far back as I could remember, I always felt different from everyone else.

Can you tell us when you decided to get treatment?

I was dropped off at a treatment center by my family. I had zero intentions of going to treatment. I left my home state of Minnesota to avoid going to treatment and came to Texas to “start my life over” (you know, the whole geographic location change thing).

Prior to leaving Minnesota, I was squatting in –30 degree weather in a condemned house. I had run through life like a hurricane and destroyed all my relationships. But regardless, I was the person that thought I could do it by myself, no matter how many times I tried and failed in the past. I was delusional. I’m super thankful that they decided to drop me off; I truly do not think I would be alive today if they did not.

But if you’re asking when I decided to take the suggestions and really give recovery a chance, I would say I was two months sober in my treatment center. I was asked to leave because I was not putting in any work to better myself. The only thing that was different was I wasn’t using/drinking. Other than that, I was still choosing to be selfish, self-centered, and toxic.

It was when they asked me to leave that I hit my emotional bottom. Here I was, two months sober, and I still hated myself. I thought that if I just stopped drinking, my life would be better, but that was not the case. So, at two months clean and sober is when I decided to fully invest myself in recovery. I fought for my seat to stay at the treatment center, and they gave me another chance to see if I was serious. And I fought like hell to never feel the way I felt about myself again.

How long had you been using before you decided to get help?

Since I was 14 years old, so about seven years.

How many times were you in treatment?

One time but it was VERY long-term treatment. I stayed there for about three and a half years.

Can you talk about your experience at Recovery Unplugged?

I love working here. It’s the greatest feeling watching someone come through the door feeling broken and hopeless and then seeing them begin to participate, make friends, laugh, and heal. To get vulnerable, raw, real, and messy!

What passions fuel you in recovery?

Dang, I love this question so much. To put it simply, helping people like me fuels me.

How has recovery improved your family relationships?

I am a mom now. I have a daughter who is almost four years old; she’s the coolest. Recovery gives me the highest honor of showing up as the parent I always needed. My sister and I are the tightest we have ever been. She’s also in recovery now with over a year of continuous sobriety! Yay! My parents and I are closer than we’ve ever been. Recovery has given me the permission card to set healthy boundaries and allows me to love people without expecting them to show up how I think or want them to show up.

What’s next for you in recovery?

Who knows?! Haha…everything and anything. I just keep showing up, and life keeps throwing magic my way! I’d like to travel more, maybe get on a recreational soccer team, eat lots of good food from different parts of the world, keep watching my daughter grow, keep loving people. I want to enjoy life’s simple things that I didn’t appreciate before.

What is your message for people who are still struggling with substance use?

Drugs and alcohol may have been the best solution you had at the time, but it’s not working anymore. So, let’s find a new solution. Your debt is paid in full, and you don’t owe your life to this lifestyle anymore. Life is SO amazing on this side, and you’re SO worth it. Please reach out to a safe person and come find out for yourself. Your specific story will save someone’s life someday, and we need you here to share it. And if no one has said it today, you are amazing, and I love you.

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