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Recovery Soundtracks: 5 Songs About Addiction and Recovery that Everyone Needs to Hear

At Recovery Unplugged, we know that songs have the ability to motivate, empower and put people in touch with their feelings in ways that talking often can’t. Songs about addiction and recovery represent honest experiences from people who have been through drug and alcohol abuse and have come out the other end.

Every day we see music transform our clients’ moods in every aspect of care, and this often begins with listening to their favorite songs that mirror their own experiences in addiction. Since the world needs an inspiring and resonant soundtrack more than ever in 2020, here are some of the best songs about addiction to get through the rest of the year…please play as loud as possible:

“Sober” by Pink

We begin in our list with a bang. Pink’s “Sober” is more than just a song about addiction; it’s a love-letter to sobriety and recovery. She sings proudly about her ability to overcome addiction and passionately belts out how good it feels to be clean and sober. This track is a must-listen for the more vulnerable days of recovery.

“Breaking the Habit” by Linkin’ Park

Breaking the Habit” is an energetic, defiant and in-your-face rebuke of the hold that addiction takes on a person, and a declaration of anti-dependency. It describes bass player, Mike Shinoda’s battle with substance use disorder and, while unquestionably dark and honest, offers an inspirational message of resolving to break the pattern of addiction.

“Not Afraid” by Eminem

Not Afraid” is not only a song about addiction; but it’s also a middle-finger (in the best possible way) to the challenges, struggles and barriers that threaten to keep us down in everyday life, and the stigma we face when we have trouble overcoming them. The song is part of his aptly named Recovery album, which, on the whole, extols the virtues of perseverance and clean and sober living.

“Gravity” by A Perfect Circle

Gravity” is a must-hear song about addiction for anyone who has ever had trouble asking for help, which is practically all of us. While the song is full of candid tragedy, illustrating what many people struggling with addiction experience, it’s also a recognition of vulnerability and, in every respect, a cry for help. The song’s arrangement is as haunting as its lyrics.

“Under the Bridge” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Hurdling steadily toward “classic rock” status, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Blood Sugar Sex Magic, is a justly celebrated fixture of the 90’s alternative musical landscape. It takes a lot for one track to stand among such an amazing collection, but “Under the Bridge” does it with a day-by-day account of singer Anthony Kiedis’ struggles with heroin and how he ultimately overcame them.

Want More Songs about Addiction and Recovery?

Recovery Unplugged has assembled our 20 Songs about Addiction and Recovery playlist for the rest of 2020’s good, bad and in-between days. When you’re feeling like it’s all too much, take a couple of hours to yourself to get lost in the music. We also encourage everyone to create their own soundtrack to help them process whatever they’re feeling and carry them through difficult times, as it’s done for each and every one of the people we have helped. If 2020 has gotten the better of you and you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it.

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