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When we think about sobriety, it’s easy to think of it as something for which we strive only after we’ve developed a substance use issue. The reality is, however, there is a global contingent of sober curious people that actively avoids alcohol and other drugs in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This population steers clear of drinking out of valid concern for the impact alcohol can have on their physical and emotional health, relationships and quality of life. The Sober Curious movement has been gaining more and more ground on social media, particularly in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic as people are more concerned than ever about the strength of their immune systems.

Is Sober Curious for You?

Recovery Unplugged caught up with two of our social media strategists, Kirsten and Jordan to learn more about the sober curious lifestyle, and why it works for people both in and out of recovery. Take a look at the video to learn more.

Embrace Your Sober Curiosity

The reality is that life just better without the constant drama and issues associated with alcohol and other drugs, and more and more people are starting to realize. They’re their bank accounts grow, their skin clear up, their headaches going away, their relationships improving and multiple other benefits just from choosing to live sober. Recovery Unplugged thoroughly embraces the sober-curious lifestyle even for people who don’t have an issue with alcohol or drug use. You don’t have to be suffer from addiction to have toxic relationship with alcohol. The Sober Curious movement is for anyone who had a relationship impacted by drinking; it’s for everyone who had to struggle with an alcoholic upbringing; everyone who has ever felt the pressure to drink by their peers, friends or society; in other words, it’s for everyone…period. If you’re living a sober-curious lifestyle, let us know why and what it has done foe you on our social media.

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