Drug Abuse & Addiction

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Drug Abuse and Addiction

Drug abuse and addiction is a fierce and urgent public health issue that impacts every portion of the American population, from adolescents to senior citizens. Last year, this epidemic killed over 72,000 Americans, and is poised to take even more lives in the coming years. If you or someone you care about has become affected by drug addiction, you know the impact it can have on health, relationships, stability and quality of life; these personal struggles have exploded across the United States to create a collective crisis and epidemic that has drastically inflated healthcare costs, while increasing crime and eroding communities.

So how do we get back? The path to drug abuse and addiction varies greatly, from person to person; however, the path to recovery invariably begins with comprehensive treatment. Recovery Unplugged uses music to help you or your loved one overcome prescription and illicit drug addiction and rebuild your life.

Signs of Drug Abuse and Addiction

What many deem as casual drug use can, and usually does, balloon into full-blown addiction. Before you or your loved one get to the point of dependency, there are certain consistent indicators of which to be mindful. While the signs of drug abuse and addiction will vary according to each user’s individual history, there are a few common red flags:

Appearance and Physical Signs

• Sunken Eyes
• Extreme Changes in Weight
• Breakouts and Other Skin Issues
• Decline in Person Hygiene
• Dental Issues

Behavioral Issues

• Decline in School or Work Performance
• Legal Issues Associated with Drug Use
• Extreme Changes in Mood
• Deception and Rationalization Regarding Drug Use
• Depression, Anxiety and Other Mental Health Issues

Symptoms will vary, depending on scope and duration of substance use (a person struggling with cocaine addiction will not exhibit exactly the same signs as a person struggling with heroin or opioids, for example). If you or someone you care about is experiencing these or any other symptoms, seek help from a medical professional immediately.

Withdrawal: When Abuse Becomes Addiction

Drug abuse morphs into addiction the moment users experience unbearable withdrawal symptoms that make it impossible for them to quit on their own. This means that the brain and body are now relying on a steady cycle of drug abuse to function properly, and they will react harshly when they’re deprived. While these symptoms will be different for each individual patient, depending on their history of drug abuse, some of the more common symptoms include:

• Flu-like Symptoms
• Joint and Muscle Pain
• Intestinal Problems
• Acute Sensitivity to Pain
• Fatigue
• Hallucinations
• Paranoia
• Anxiety, Depression and Melancholy
• Sleep Disorder
• Headache and Migraine

Users experiencing withdrawal symptoms related to their drug abuse should seek treatment immediately before their condition gets any worse.

Fight Back: Treatment for Drug Abuse and Addiction

Drug abuse and addiction require customized treatment that addresses the acute medical aspects of drug use, as well as the psychological and lifestyle ramifications that patients experience; this should include detox and comprehensive behavioral rehab that is tailored to each client’s care needs and lifestyle. Recovery Unplugged offers a wide array of treatment resources to help you or your loved one overcome drug abuse and addiction, including detox and music-focused behavioral rehab. If you’re tired of the sleepless nights, tired of the endless dysfunction, tired of feeling weak and helpless against drugs, call us today at 1 (800) 55-REHAB to start fighting back.

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