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“Nicole‚Äôs drug use was catastrophic on us.”

Nicole and Lisa

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I watched my husband die from drugs, and now my daughter was headed down the same path. When I saw that Nicole had progressed to opiates, it was shocking to me and I would just cry.

Nicole was a happy, easy-going child. She started using drugs right after her father died from a drug overdose. She took anything that would help her disconnect, but primarily alcohol, Xanax and Oxy. After everything we had been through, I could not accept that my child was that sick and I had no idea how to get her well.

My low point was being called out as an enabler during a family counseling session. I told Nicole right there that I would do whatever it took to help her get clean, or she could not live in our home anymore.

She left home for about a month and found her own rock-bottom.

Only then did she agree to complete a treatment program. She was finally successful on her third visit to rehab. Nicole comments, “[Recovery Unplugged] is a music-based program and I love music. We all have artists who move us, and we relate to music so why not try it.”

Just like you need air to breathe, I need my kids. Having my daughter back sober is the best thing ever. I could never ask for more than that.

Nicole is still sober and currently works at Recovery Unplugged. We were grateful that she shared her addiction recovery story with us.

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