Benefits of Sobriety: Seven Great Things that Happen to You When You Stop Using Drugs or Alcohol

What're the benefits of sobriety?
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Recovery is a lot of work, but it isn’t all work. There are many physical, emotional, and lifestyle benefits of sobriety. It’s easy to focus on what you’re “giving up” or “missing out on” when you decide to abstain from drinking or drug use, but there are undeniable advantages of living clean that go well beyond a temporary escape. Being sober allows you to be in control. It allows you to embrace every moment with full lucidity and be more present every minute of the day. But if you need some concrete examples of the benefits of sobriety, here are some things to consider if you’re on the fence.

Your Coordination Improves

You might not be ready to play goalie right away, but you’ll still be more coordinated. One of the main benefits of sobriety is that it can help improve your motor skills and alertness. You’re also more able to concentrate at work or school and less prone to potentially harmful accidents.

You Stop Being an “Organ Grinder”

Drinking and drug use wreaks havoc on your organs, including your liver, your heart, your kidneys, your brain, and more. Cocaine, specifically, is associated with extreme risk to heart health, while drinking too much can drastically impact the liver. Your liver may very well start to heal the minute you stop drinking, and the rest of your organs will gradually revert to normal function after you get clean.

You Feel Better

Other benefits of sobriety can be felt in the body. You have more energy, you’re able to sleep normally, you’re more able to exercise and stay active, and even your breathing improves. Simply put, you start to feel like a normal and functioning person again, free from severe withdrawal symptoms and lingering effects.

You Work Better

While it may not come as a shock, you’re better at work when you’re not drunk, high, or thinking about being either. You’re more able to focus on tasks, meet deadlines, collaborate with your colleagues and take more pride in your job in general. Being sober puts you in a better position to go after that promotion or apply for that other position that offers more.

You Look Better

Alcohol or drug abuse can be seen all over your face and body. When you get clean, your weight can stabilize, your skin clears up, there’s less risk of dental impact, and the color starts to come back to your face.

You “Love” Better

Yes, alcohol and drug abuse can drastically impact sexual function. Nerve damage, emotional trauma, poor blood flow, and other physiological factors can inhibit arousal and increase the likelihood of sexually transmitted infection. When you say no to drugs or alcohol, you say yes to healthier and safer sex.

People Actually Want to Be Around You Again

Excessive drinking and drug use can make you radioactive (metaphorically speaking, of course) even to your closest friends and family. When the boozing and using stops, so can the lying, yelling, drama, and manipulation that comes with it.

You also regain your pride, self-respect, dignity, and quality of life. One of the many benefits of sobriety is that it allows you to regain independence and control of your life on all fronts. You save money, and you take fewer risks.

Benefits of Sobriety

Start Reaping the Benefits of Sobriety Now

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