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The stigma against substance abuse and addiction has impacted those struggling with substance use disorder in innumerable ways. Although people in recovery ought to be applauded for the strength and initiative they’ve shown in addressing their addiction, fear of judgment often prevents those in active addiction from coming forward and seeking treatment. On top of making it near impossible to navigate the world without facing judgement, those in recovery often face embedded institutional discrimination from insurance companies, are denied employment opportunities, and face general social rejection from those who lack a thorough understanding of substance use disorders. Recovery Unplugged is partnering with the A&E series Addiction Unplugged to curb this stigma and help guide people toward care while elaborating on the relationship between music and addiction.

Stories of Music & Recovery at Recovery Unplugged

This weekend, our Director of Outreach, Joseph Gorordo, alongside other members of our team, will be featured on this weekend’s episode of A&E’s Addiction Unplugged. The episode airs on Saturday, August 24, at 1pm EST on the A&E network. A documentary television series, Addiction Unplugged examines addiction, recovery, and stories of hope in the United States while focusing on specific individuals, companies, and organizations that are striving to make an impact on the drug crisis that kills daily and indiscriminately. Joseph shares his personal story and struggle with heroin addiction, speaking about how music helped him maintain long-lasting recovery and how his life has only changed for the better since getting clean.

For many of our employees and clients, the story is the same. Music is front and center in all ways at Recovery Unplugged, from group sessions, one-on-one counseling, in all of our offices, and even at our client residences. Addiction Unplugged examines how Recovery Unplugged uses music to help those struggling with staying clean address their unspoken emotions with the power of music. For most people, music can help express feelings and emotions they aren’t able to articulate with only words.

Breaking the Stigma One Story at a Time

Addiction Unplugged hopes to fight the stigma associated with substance use disorder by humanizing it and highlighting the reality of recovery. This episode highlights how Recovery Unplugged uses music to help our clients heal from substance use disorder. Its theme covers Music & Recovery, and examines how music makes the difference, especially in places like Recovery Unplugged’s Austin Treatment Center. Our hope is that anyone struggling with substance abuse can see how music heals and helps addicts overcome the barriers that were preventing them from getting clean.

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