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The Recovery Unplugged treatment approach is driven by a commitment to providing the highest level of acute medical and behavioral care, a commitment undertaken and honored by our exemplary nursing staff. When a client enters detox, or receives any other type of medical care during addiction treatment, they are often the most vulnerable and uncertain that they’re ever likely to be in their lives. Our nurses are on the front lines of client care and interaction, ensuring that each and every person who seeks medical help at our organizations is safe, comfortable and constantly moving toward medical progress.

As we conclude our celebration of Nurses Week, Recovery Unplugged wanted to highlight some key members of our amazing nursing staff, and thank the entire department for their hard work, dedication and commitment to our client community. Below are some of their candid insights.

Rosa K. LVN – I have been working for Recovery Unplugged since 2016. I currently work the mid-shift position as a nurse. I help the lead nurses on both shifts and aid in admissions, medication dispensation, and monitoring. My favorite thing about Recovery Unplugged is the staff. I enjoy each person I work with, including the techs, chefs and nurses.

Vanessa Favela, LVN – I am currently the Nurse Manager at Recovery Unplugged Encore for our PHP, IOP and OP clients in Austin. I also assist our partner organization, CARMAhealth with IOP clinic duties so clients have access to  doctor appointments in the evening. We also provide more Vivitrol injections than any facility in the state of Texas. Encore initiated the first in the country Behavioral Health Home program for our clients and I have been lucky enough to be a part of that team.

I have worked in treatment before and the individualized treatment we give each client at Recovery Unplugged is unique to us and so beneficial to the clients. We emphasize teamwork and family among the staff and I think it is felt by the clients. I also feel that Recovery Unplugged respects medical suggestions, and is open to the latest medical advances in addiction, such as maintenance and TMS therapy.

Danyelle D., LVN – I am a night shift detox charge nurse. I make sure all the clients are taken care of, comfortable, and assessed throughout the night. My favorite part about working at Recovery Unplugged is being able to take care of amazing people at their worst, doing what I can to help them in any way possible.  What I especially love is seeing the clients get better, when their true personalities start coming out.  It really makes me happy to see them progressing.

Angela Earle, LPN – My job as a detox nurse at Recovery Unplugged includes client assessments, medication administration, injections, blood draws, wound care, and consultation with medical and clinical providers for patient care. I became interested in substance abuse treatment after witnessing my Aunt recover after 10 years of alcohol, cocaine, and sedative abuse. I entered the area of addiction and psychiatric care shortly after my nursing graduation in 2006. I have over 10 years of specialized nursing care treating patients afflicted with alcoholism, drug abuse, and psychiatric illness. I do my best to ensure a safe and effective, medically monitored detoxification for all acute patients requiring close supervised care. It’s extremely rewarding to assist individuals in need and to witness the healing process.

Bryan Z. – I work with clients to facilitate a safe and comfortable detox and recovery period.  I try to spend equal time in an active nurse role doing medical interventions by sitting with clients and providing a therapeutic ear at times. My favorite part of my job is working with staff that really take a human approach to doing their jobs. We are working with our clients and treating them with respect even in difficult times. I have been a nurse for almost 15 years and have to say this is uncommon.

Tammy D., RN –  I am the Nursing Director at our Lake worth facility, overseeing an awesome nursing team. Patient safety and patient satisfaction are my main priorities, with also ensuring proper training. My favorite part about working for this company is how we are supported  to care for our patients in the most compassionate, professional way. After working in this field for almost 18 years I can finally say that I am working for a company that truly cares for our patients 100% of the time.

Beth S.  – I have been working at Recovery Unplugged for five and a half  years. I am a PMHNP-BC. I attend daily staffing meetings with clinicians, tech staff, and the housing supervisor. I meet with clients throughout the day. I also conduct psychiatric evaluations, medication management and brief therapy. My favorite part of my job is connecting with the clients.

Melanie Wiseman, MSN, RN, CARN I have been working for Recovery Unplugged since September of 2017. I am the Director of Nursing for Austin’s Detox, PHP, and Residential. I get to work with a great team of nurses that help people through a very difficult time in their lives; these nurses plant seeds, provide comfort and support, and they save lives. I am grateful to be a part of this and to be a part of such a good team of nurses. My favorite part about working at Recovery Unplugged is seeing the eyes of the clients when they first arrive, and then their eyes again after they have spent some time with us. The change from hopeless to having a light in their eyes makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Yadira Alvarado, LVN – I have been working at Recovery Unplugged for 2 years.I am a nurse at RU Detox. I work the day shift on Tuesdays through Thursdays. My favorite part about working at Recovery Unplugged is seeing the clients doing well months after being at Detox. It truly warms my heart when I see them coming to do the H&I meetings.

Amy C. – I have been working for Recovery Unplugged for 4 months. I am an LPN. I meet with newly admitted clients, pre-screen for Beth, I help prepare clients upon leaving, do vivitrol shots, answer medical questions, check results from medical appointments/visits and conduct client education. My favorite part of my job is seeing people get further along in their recovery and their lives.

Tino Teso, LVN – As a licensed vocational nurse at Recovery Unplugged, I provide medical assistance and care to the clients by collaborating with the interdisciplinary healthcare staff.  As a nurse, I listen to client’s concerns and advocate for them. I do my best to provide exceptional care and help clients feel as comfortable as they can while going through this journey. My favorite part about working at Recovery Unplugged is meeting and having the pleasure of working with the clientele.  I get to meet individuals from all walks of life who are extremely talented in the musical arts.  Not only are the clients great, I am blessed to work alongside the most emotionally intelligent individuals I’ve come across. Seeing clients evolve throughout their stay here is an experience in its own right and has helped me grow as a person.

Grace Howell, RN – I am a nurse. I work at Recovery Unplugged detox facility and occasionally at the residential facility. I really like the people I work with, the clients and hearing music playing all day while I’m working!

Charlotte W., RN – I have been working at this company for seven months. I am one of the staff nurses for Recovery Unplugged. I usually work down in Residential. My favorite part of my job is working with and helping the patients.

Edward Rivera, LVN – I have been working at Recovery Unplugged for almost two years. As the nurse manage, my primary role is to assist the director in managing staff, helping staff, and documentation oversight under the direction of Melanie Wiseman, DON. My favorite part of my job is the sincerity of our staff top to bottom and the sincere desire to help all who come through our doors.

Recovery Unplugged wants to say a special thank-you to all our nurses who lent their insights, and to once again reiterate our appreciation for the whole department’s efforts. We couldn’t do this without you.

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