Drug withdrawal affects illicit and prescription drug abusers in each stage of abuse. It is one of the first and clearest signs of dependency. Drug withdrawal is manifested through a variety of physical and psychological symptoms which vary according to the scope and duration of their substance abuse. The longer drug abuse persists untreated, the worse and more severe the withdrawal process is likely to be. Drug withdrawal is a medical condition, just like heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes. It must be treated by an experienced qualified medical professional as part of an overall treatment program.

Trauma Informed Treatment

Recovery Unplugged offers comprehensive trauma-informed addiction treatment to help you address the root causes of your trauma without having to cope using alcohol or other drugs. Our trauma treatment program is offered at all levels of care, including inpatient, outpatient, and virtual.

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Treatment Process

Addiction takes us all to different places. Some of us need immediate help for withdrawal; some of us need to figure out what role our families or jobs play in our drinking or drug use; some of us need help figuring out how to build a happy, rich and satisfying life in recovery beyond simply not using; some of us need help just getting started and remembering we’re worth saving. Whatever stage of the treatment and recovery journey you or your loved one are in, you need intuitive, compassionate and effective care that treats you like an individual, not a collection of symptoms. Recovery Unplugged offers a comprehensive treatment experience and is ready to help you or your loved one heal.

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Those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction relapse for a variety of reasons, not the least common of which is an inability to cope with the with physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Drug and alcohol withdrawal can seriously impact person’s life and create serious long-term biological and emotional problems. Withdrawal is characterized as a series of physical and behavioral symptoms that substance users experience when they go without a steady supply of drugs and alcohol.

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