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A Fully Formed Recovery Experience

Music is an integral part of our overall care approach. Our clinicians and creative professionals have developed a truly unique and effective drug and alcohol addiction treatment model that incorporates the healing power of music on all levels with traditional, evidence-based therapies. While other addiction treatment centers may utilize some form of music therapy in their programs, Recovery Unplugged is the first of its kind to offer a totally music-based treatment experience.

We offer a variety of treatment options for patients throughout the country, including: Inpatient, Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient (IOP), and Partial Care (Partial Hospitalization). Each patient’s individual treatment program is customized according to their unique care needs.

Elements of Treatment

Recovery Unplugged has developed a comprehensive treatment experience that allows patients to heal on all levels. In an effort to make sure our patients receive a full continuum of care, we’ve designed our treatment programs to include: Detox and Withdrawal Management, Music-Based Rehabilitation, Supplemental Therapies, and Continued Aftercare and Outreach.

We offer continued follow-up calls and equip patients with valuable post-treatment resources such as contact information for local recovery meetings in their area and referral to addiction-trained therapists so they can continue to build on their progress. Access to onsite detox is contingent upon which location a patient chooses to seek treatment. Recovery Unplugged strives to provide quality, compassionate and supportive care through each phase of the addiction treatment process.


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Using Music to Heal

Almost all of us have experienced the pure, unabashed joy that comes from hearing our favorite songs on the radio. Many people live for that moment when they hear their favorite hook or lyric or key-change. Music unlocks emotions in ways that simple talk therapy cannot, and Recovery Unplugged has found a way to leverage this emotional release to aid in your recovery.

Our program is open to all patients regardless of their musical background, as we firmly believe that music and all of its therapeutic value is for everyone. As part of our program, patients undergo a variety of music-based therapies. Including but not limited to Songwriting, Lyricism, Music Production, Live Performance, Music Appreciation, and Therapeutic Drumming.

Plugging Back In: Using Music to Emotionally Connect

On a fundamental level, patients at Recovery Unplugged break down emotional barriers through music’s repetition and primal properties; on a more refined level, they feel a great sense of accomplishment and self-worth when they’re able to develop, create and finish a creative project. If you or a loved one is struggling in need of quality comprehensive addiction treatment, contact Recovery Unplugged today at (954) 703-1975.