Drug Treatment Programs

Inpatient Treatment

When you’ve absolutely hit a wall in your life because of your drug or alcohol abuse, inpatient drug rehab may be the best option to help you reset yourself and do the work you need to in order to reclaim your life and repair your relationships. Inpatient rehab is a transformative experience that many people need after a prolonged and untreated course of substance abuse. It provides you or your loved one with a distraction-free environment away from the toxic influences and stressors in your life, so you don’t have to focus on anything but getting better. Many are worried about taking time away from their careers and families to enter inpatient rehab, but if you need this kind of help, your family and job have already likely been impacted by your drinking or drug use.

When you or your loved one come to Recovery Unplugged for inpatient rehab, you will find a safe, discreet and supportive atmosphere conducive to healing, self-reflection and personal growth. Clients are afforded all the comforts of home for a supportive and stress-free care experience. We understand the profound role that environment plays in the addiction treatment process and we are here to provide an atmosphere of healing.

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Outpatient Treatment

Perhaps your drinking has hit critical mass; perhaps you’ve started experimenting with increasingly dangerous drugs and now you can’t stop. Wherever your substance abuse has taken you, outpatient alcohol and drug rehab can help you get back to reality and reclaim your health, dignity and independence. Outpatient treatment will allow you or your loved one to get the help you need for your drug or alcohol addiction while maintaining your career, family and other lifestyle obligations. You don’t have to disrupt your life to get the help you need permanently. Outpatient treatment offers the quality and flexibility you need to start healing.

Recovery Unplugged offers multiple levels of outpatient treatment, including intensive outpatient rehab for patients who need a deeper level of care. We also offer partial hospitalization (PHP) programs to clients who require longer-term rehab beyond the outpatient paradigm. Call us now to start your treatment. The longer you wait, the more vulnerable you become to deeper addiction, lifestyle consequences and subsequent overdose.

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Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Treatment

Intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment is a more in-depth version of our regular outpatient drug rehab model. The program offers the same flexibility and independence with more frequent weekly treatment sessions a longer program duration. Addiction creates chaos and dysfunction in various parts of a person’s life, including their careers, physical health, families and more. Intensive outpatient offers the ability to get quality help and fully integrate recovery into your everyday life while allowing them to simultaneously work to repair the areas of their lives that have suffered in the wake of their drug or alcohol addiction.

You don’t always have to remove yourself from your everyday life to get the help you need for substance use disorder. Recovery Unplugged is ready to help you or your loved one overcome addiction in our IOP program.

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PHP Treatment

The partial hospitalization program (PHP) treatment model bridges the gap between residential and outpatient alcohol and drug rehab. Clients attend six-hour treatment sessions six days per week and three-hour sessions on Sunday, consisting of group therapy, individualized counseling, and music-based therapy techniques. PHP treatment is offered at our Fort Lauderdale and Annandale, Virginia treatment facilities and progress according to each client’s ongoing clinical needs. Participants may be able to stay at offsite housing during their program. PHP substance abuse treatment allows clients to remain acutely engaged with their recovery while simultaneously maintaining all other aspects of their lives.

Don’t surrender your life to drug and alcohol addiction. The Recovery Unplugged PHP program can help you stay connected to your loved ones and career while ensuring your get the help you need to overcome this disease.

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Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

People who need alcohol and drug rehab routinely suffer from a separate underlying mental health issue like depression or anxiety. Whether these conditions caused or resulted from substance abuse, it’s critical that you receive treatment for both issues during their addiction treatment. If you or your loved one are suffering from co-occurring addiction and mental illness, stop worrying, stop stressing and start healing at Recovery Unplugged. Whether your co-occurring disorder has cost you your job, your family, your freedom or your safety, Recovery Unplugged is ready to help. You don’t have to fight this battle on your own anymore.

Dual-diagnosis disorder is a complex condition that takes a trained and experienced professional to recognize. Many addicts spend years engaging in active substance abuse without ever realizing they have any mental health issue at all. Far too many let stigma and shame prevent them from getting the help they need for mental illness. As a result, they experience significant deterioration in their overall health and quality of life.

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Suboxone Treatment

Suboxone® (buprenorphine and naloxone) is one of the most commonly used medications approved for opioid maintenance. It has become a vital weapon in the fight against opioid addiction and a critical resource for many patients who need help with their cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Unfortunately, the medication is also highly addictive and has left many recovering opioid addicts struggling to get their lives back together with a whole new substance use issue on their hands.

Recovery Unplugged offers professional, safe and expert Suboxone treatment for eligible clients with the help of experienced and qualified physicians who can guide your routine. If you’re struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, you know that two of the most difficult parts of the disease are the unrelenting cravings and the painful and sickening withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone-based treatment at Recovery Unplugged is to designed to give clients the relief and energy they need to successfully free themselves from opioid addiction. Call us today to find out if you’re eligible for Suboxone therapy at our treatment center.

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Vivitrol Treatment

Vivitrol has proven to be one of the most promising and diversion-proof opioid and alcohol maintenance medications; however, not all drug and alcohol detox centers are equipped to administer the drug. Its integration into the addiction treatment landscape has been incremental and it has a long way to go before it supplants more commonly used drugs like Suboxone or methadone.

Recovery Unplugged has remained at the forefront of Vivitrol treatment and integrate heavily into our drug rehab program for eligible patients. Our professionals will work with you to determine whether or not you’re eligible for the drug. We believe that it is a promising and viable form of opioid maintenance therapy and we are ready to help you determine whether or not it’s right for you.

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Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) has long been considered the gold standard of care for opioid use disorder. Drugs approved for medication-assisted treatment include Suboxone®, Vivitrol®, methadone and Sublocade®. Recovery Unplugged offers safe, responsible and effective medication-assisted treatment for eligible clients from experienced, qualified and licensed medical professionals. Medication-assisted treatment is a game-changing resource for those who find it difficult to get past their cravings or withdrawal symptoms; however, it should only be administered as part of an overall treatment program with detox, rehab and aftercare. Find out if you or your loved one is eligible for medication-assisted treatment now. We’re ready to help.

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