Read Our Story: Paul Pellinger Releases New Book on Music-Based Treatment and Recovery Unplugged

Music Is Our MedicineRecovery Unplugged Chief Strategy Officer Paul Pellinger has just released an illuminating and engaging book on the power of music-based addiction treatment and the origins of the Recovery Unplugged care process. Music Is Our Medicine perfectly illustrates the therapeutic benefits of music and the ways Recovery Unplugged has harnessed them to help thousands of patients recover from drug or alcohol dependency. It is a compelling and relevant read for anyone battling drug or alcohol abuse, or has a loved one engaged in a similar struggle, as well as for music lovers in general. The book is available for digital download and purchase on Amazon now. Get your copy today.

Throughout this riveting work, Paul breaks down, in candid detail, his approach to music-based addiction care and how it has helped Recovery Unplugged become a leader and pioneer in substance abuse treatment. He also discusses the indispensable role of music in his personal journey, from the way he embraced it during his own recovery to his years of experience in the treatment industry to the establishment of the first Recovery Unplugged treatment center. The book outlines the numerous ways music can help patients heal from substance abuse, including simple appreciation and analysis, writing, performance and production. Music-based care has helped many patients overcome addiction, regardless of whether they had a musical background prior to treatment.

At a time when opioid overdoses are at record highs and Americans of all backgrounds are more exposed than ever to different types of addiction threats, books like Music Is Our Medicine have never been more relevant or crucial. With the holidays just around the corner, many in the recovery community are feeling more and more vulnerable to relapse. Give yourself or someone you care about the gift of peace of mind, knowledge and lasting mental health by purchasing or downloading Music Is Our Medicine today.

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