Nova Study

Nova Study

Partnering with Nova Southeastern University

The Recovery Unplugged treatment approach is driven by quantifiable data, meticulous research and comprehensive clinical exploration. In order to confirm, document and codify the effectiveness of our music-based treatment approach, we have partnered with Miami’s Nova Southeastern University in a comprehensive, years-long study to determine our long-term success rates, completion rates and the satisfaction of our clients. Since our inception, Recovery Unplugged has strove for the highest levels of success and knew the importance of immediately and definitively illustrating our treatment outcomes to the clinical community as well as prospective clients and their loved ones. We are exceedingly pleased with the findings of this research.

Research Methods and Key Outcomes

Over the course of three years, Recovery Unplugged partnered with Nova Southeastern University to measure a variety of treatment metrics chief among which were long-term (one year of more) rates of continuous sobriety; rates of AMA (against medical advice) exit rates; and client satisfaction. While publication of the research is pending, Recovery Unplugged is prepared and happy to report the following key results:

  • Long-term (one year or longer) recovery rates were four times the national average
  • AMA rates were five times lower than the national average
  • 95 percent of outgoing patients reported a positive experience in treatment

Researchers measured hundreds of patients in different phases of care. Compilation and release of the study data is expected to be concluded by the end of the year.

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