CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta Explores the Healing Benefits of Music

This Saturday CNN’s Chasing Life with Dr. Sanjay Gupta reiterated what Recovery Unplugged has been saying for years: music saves lives, heals pain and improves health. The segment featured Dr. Gupta traveling to Turkey to explore the origins, success rates and healing benefits of music therapy. He visited a pain who had recently undergone open-heart surgery and was experiencing residual high blood pressure and elevated heart rate. He had been given narcotics as part of his post-surgical care; however doctors also integrated music therapy after the procedure. Upon hearing live flute music played by one of the practitioners, the patient immediately started exhibiting positive responses.

Further Benefits of Music’s Healing Ability

The episode comes at a time where the healing benefits of music are becoming more and more apparent. Just last week, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center released an article outlining the medical and behavioral virtues of their Music for Healing program. While it’s generally understood that listening to your favorite songs or emotionally resonant music can help improve mood, recall fond experiences, empathize and promote happiness, the genuine and legitimate medical benefits of listening to or actively engaging with music has also proven time and again n the clinical community.

Music Will Always Be Our Medicine

Recovery Unplugged sees the healing benefits of music in substance use disorder every day in the clients we treat, from our morning “Pump-Up” sessions that actively engage muscles and get the blood flowing, to our group sessions that foster catharsis and creative expression, to our Feel-Good Friday performances that create a sense of community and emotional release. We have helped thousands of clients find their way to recovery, personal fulfillment and lasting wellness through music-based addiction treatment…and we didn’t even have to go to Turkey.

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