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Honor Natalia’s memory by helping those who share her struggles. 

Born on September 6, 2000, Natalia was a free soul who radiated creativity, care, and love throughout her 23 years of life. Her presence was a beacon of warmth, and her compassion knew no bounds. Natalia had an extraordinary ability to make others feel cherished, often putting their needs before her own.

Natalia’s life was a tapestry of beautiful moments, and her memory will continue to inspire those who knew her. Her creative spirit will live on through the art she created, her poetry, and her loving nature will forever be remembered in the hearts of her family and friends.

But Natalia’s journey was not without its struggles…

For two challenging years, she faced the shadows of mental health and battled with the grip of addiction. However, Natalia’s indomitable spirit shone brightly even in her darkest hours. She demonstrated incredible strength, resilience, and determination, working tirelessly to overcome these formidable obstacles.

Her family and loved ones watched in awe as Natalia fought with an unshakable determination to reclaim her life. Her journey towards recovery was marked by countless small victories and moments of profound courage. Natalia’s story is a testament to the power of the human spirit, reminding us all that with love, support, and inner strength, one can emerge from the depths of despair into the light of hope and healing.

Natalia will always be light in the darkness!

You can Help Others Who Are Hurting

To honor Natalia’s memory and help the millions of others struggling with suicidal ideations and other mental health crises, please consider supporting Face the Music Foundation with a gift today. Your donation will help ensure more people have access to compassionate, life-changing mental health treatment when they need it most.  

All it takes is a moment for someone to do what can’t be undone, but all it takes is a small gesture to let them know they’re loved and valued. Your support helps ensure those who are contemplating suicide have immediate and meaningful support that can help them in their deepest point of desperation. Help Natalia’s light continue to shine where it’s needed most. 


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