Making It Happen: Recovery Unplugged Gives a Much-Deserved Nod to Our Billing Department

Recovery Unplugged Thanks Our Billing Department for All their Hard Work.
Dominic Nicosia

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Dominic Nicosia

When we talk about the Recovery Unplugged treatment experience, we generally discuss our doctors, therapists and creative professionals; however, there are multiple key players within our organization who are crucial to ensuring a rewarding, safe and effective recovery journey for our clients. Perhaps no arm of our staff better exemplifies these responsibilities than our dedicated and qualified billing department. These professionals work as behind-the-scenes client advocates each day by ensuring their seamless and uninterrupted insurance coverage, while helping Recovery Unplugged maintain a steady flow of receivables so we can grow, and offer care to more and more of those who need it. Their contributions cannot be overstated, and we just wanted to say thanks.

About the Recovery Unplugged Billing Department

Headquartered at our flagship Fort Lauderdale Treatment Center, the Recovery Unplugged Billing team is one of the many departments that works tirelessly to ensure that our operations are running smoothly. They are consistently liaising with insurance companies to ensure our clients receive the best coverage and optimal the level of care. Without their drive, tenacity and persistence, it would be impossible to give our client community the consistent and continuous treatment that they need in order to live their best possible lives. They can be safely described as the lifeblood of our company, and are pivotal to our continued growth.

At the Forefront of Client Advocacy…

Each member of the Recovery Unplugged Billing department takes enormous pride in the work that they do, and understands the impact that they have on our company. With every call made to insurance companies, the team makes moves that directly impact the duration and quality of care received by each one of our clients. Although they might not have the one-on-one experiences with our clients on a daily basis, their skill sets allow them to save lives, and exemplify the Recovery Unplugged mission statement in their own unique ways. For many of our employees, both in and out of recovery, this knowledge gives them purpose and encouragement. For other members of the Billing department who are alumni of our program, it’s the best way to give back.

Recovery Unplugged would like to say one more special thank you to our Billing team for their contribution to our growth…we couldn’t do it without you.

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Dominic Nicosia

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