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Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center What Does Effective Community Outreach Look Like?
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Dominic Nicosia

The American addiction and overdose crisis has taught us many things, two of the most important of which are that community involvement is vital to curbing substance abuse and that addicts need all the help they can get when they’re trying to get back on their feet. While specialized clinical treatment is vital to helping someone overcome drug or alcohol abuse, so is a network of support before, during and after patients complete their program. In addition to detox and rehab, a person recovering from substance abuse may also need all manner of logistical support. What, then, can community-based substance abuse and addiction outreach programs do to ensure recovering addicts have a leg up on their lifelong path to recovery?

Referral to Treatment

A promise is only as strong as the ability to back it up. It’s important that community-based drug outreach programs be able to quickly usher patients toward detox and rehab programs so they can safely and effectively begin to heal from chemical dependency. Most prevention organizations have affiliations with facilities and can quickly arrange intervention and admissions assistance into a quality program. These alcohol and drug outreach organizations can also vouch for the quality of the treatment center and determine whether or not it would be a good fit for you or your loved one.

Family Resources

Families of addicts are the most heavily impacted by this disease. Community-based prevention organizations routinely offer resources to empower families living with an addict, including educational seminars, free or reduced drug-testing supplies, intervention referrals, helpful tips, contact information for support groups and much more. Although prevention is admittedly the purview of the community, it actually begins in the home. These resources provide a realistic look at what to expect when dealing with an addicted loved one and what you can do to manage their behavior and set parameters.

Logistical Support and Assistance

When a person is recovering from addiction, they need resources to seek employment, continue therapy and find quality addiction-trained doctors to address the fallout of their prolonged substance abuse. Community-based organizations and addiction outreach programs provide a link to these services, helping patients to maintain their strength, independence and peace of mind. Without these vital safety nets in place, it’s very easy for a patient to backslide into relapse and start the destructive cycle of substance abuse all over again.

Importance of Community Outreach Programs

Addiction outreach programs should also offer things like educational workshops, fun outings, awareness rallies, prescription take-back events and more. The fundamental idea of these groups is to address every conceivable area of a person’s life that has suffered to due to their substance abuse and provide links remedies that heal, empower, and foster growth. Recovery Unplugged is committed to working with local prevention networks to give our patients a well-rounded, rewarding and proactive recovery experience.

Dominic Nicosia

Dominic Nicosia

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  • Bachelor's Degree in Communications and Professional Writing from the University of the Arts Philadelphia (2009).
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